ALASKA: Headlines 12″ + The Sorcerer, + Dont Say its all over. Ex -Whitesnake guitarist. Check audio samples


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ALASKA Headlines + The Sorcerer + Don’t Say it’s all over [ex –Whitesnake guitarists]

a long lost video Live At The Roundhouse 1985 :

Formed by Ex Whitesnake guitarist Bernie Marsden .
Alaska featured:
Robert Hawthorn (vocals)
Bernie Marsden (guitar)
Brian Badhams (bass)
Don Airey (keyboards)
John Marter (drums)

Alaska was a great band of the mid-80s formed by ex-Whitesnake guitarist Bernie Marsden. Alaska delivered good commercial rock with a special flavor to it. Perhaps it was the vocals (courtesy of Robert Hawthorn) or the keyboards (Don Airey), but you can feel a lot of “echoes” in these songs, which is really nice and different. Alaska was a tight rock outfit rounded up by Brian Badhams (bass) and John Marter (drums).
If you don’t mind commercial rock you should get this, it will surprise you. Alaska is one of those “unheralded” bands that really ruled….

My reason for buying this was simply to check out just what guitarist Bernie Marsden did next, after his departure from Whitesnake. This from a great four piece band. There’s enough here to tell he still had some prime blues-rock music within him.


5:59 (Probably an even better B side)

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