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1. Armed and Dangerous AFTERSHOCK
2. War Machine AFTERSHOCK
3. Beware of the Night AFTERSHOCK +
4. Remember AFTERSHOCK
5. Goin’ My Way AFTERSHOCK
7. Armageddon Rocks AFTERSHOCK
8. Yesterday’s Gone AFTERSHOCK
9. Broken Wings AFTERSHOCK
10. All the Way AFTERSHOCK +
11. Fucking hamburger AFTERSHOCK


1. Armed and Dangerous 04:03
2. War Machine 05:04
3. Beware of the Night 04:30 +
4. Remember 04:20
5. Goin’ My Way 04:07
6. Bad Moon 04:34
7. Armageddon Rocks 04:41
8. Yesterday’s Gone 04:57
9. Broken Wings 05:10
10. All the Way 04:05 +
11. Fucking hamburger 14:23

This album is an instant classic. Vic Hix is back and actually better then ever before! Amazing vocals through the whole album (sounding like AC/DC at times). Some of the catchiest riffs I’ve ever heard, with awesome classical style solos that make you think this album was made in ’78. Great drum work combines with the unbelievable guitar and vocals make this cd (at least in my opinion) Vic Hix’s best work yet.

It starts with the awesome song Armed and Dangerous. This song just plain rules. Starting off with a riff resembling that of Judas Priest’s “”Breaking The Law”” and continuing with great songwriting and lyrics, a guitar solo that can only be described as “”Perfect”” and one of the best sounding chorus’s I’ve heard since Dio’s “”Invisible””. I give this song a 10/10

Next comes War Machine. Starting off with Vic doing a countdown from 4 (in German) and slamming into a catchy instrumental section before the verse starts. Then, in the verse Vic hits a high note and the end of each line. The lyrics are awesome and the chorus is amazing. Once again, the solo is awesome and the songwriting is ingenious. I give this a 9/10.

Next is one of the fastest songs on the cd, Beware of the Night. Starts off with an intro riff that reminds me of Purgatory’s “”Night Crawler Bitch””. The verse starts off fast, and then slows down with “”You better beware of the night!””. They intro riff is played once and verse and chorus 2 commence. Repeating “”Beware of the Night”” over and over, Vic builds up tension up into the solo. Typical Aftershok solo, not the best on the cd but still very good. The verses and chorus continue, although similar to the beginning. Then it speeds up and the next verse starts. After the verse Vic repeats “”Beware of the night”” up until the end of the song. I give this song a 9/10.

Next is one of the slow songs, “”Remember””. The instrumental are just as fast as Armed And Dangerous but the vocals are slow and almost ballad-ish. The verses are very well laid out and lyrics seem to fit the instrumental style perfectly. Very good chorus and awesome slow solo up until the chorus and the song ends. I give this song an 8/10

Next is my personal favorite, “”Goin’ My Way””. Pretty average intro but continuing into a very good verse. The chorus is legendary. Everyone should hear this song. The second verse ends as Vic sings the second chorus and the solo starts. Very, very good solo. The song continues in the manner of the verses and chorus’s, sounding awesome. A final chorus ends as Vic screams “”Are you goin’ my way?”” and a drum roll closes out the song. I give this song a 10/10.

Next is a very different song, unlike all the others but still great in its own way, Bad Moon starts with a fairly slow verse, and continues with a slow drum beat and catchy guitars as Vic yells “”That’s a bad moon rising”” and everything speeds up. The chorus goes by and it slows down again. The verses sound very good chorus is one of a kind. Despite being so good, it is overshadowed by the greatness of the other tracks. That’s why I give this song an 8/10.

Next, my second favorite, Armageddon Rocks. Very catchy guitars start off the song with what sounds like fire sirens blaring in the background. The sirens cut out and the intro riff starts. The vocals come in and Vic alternates just him singing, and the rest of the band singing. Then the chorus comes in. The next verse goes by with the guitar riff from the beginning in the background. The rest of the song continues in the fashion up until the end when it speeds up and Vic starts singing “”Armageddon rocks!”” multiple times. Then the guitar fades out and the song ends. I give this song a 9/10.

Next is a slow song, Yesterdays Gone. Its starts with an average speed riff, about the same as the riff in Armed And Dangerous, but the vocals are a lot slower. Just before the vocals start the guitar cuts out and Vic sings the first verse. Then the guitar comes back and the second verse and chorus are sung. The drumming in this part is awesome. The guitar cuts out and the next verse is sung. Eventually the solo starts. Very awesome solo, not one you’d expect in a song as slow as this. After the solo the chorus starts again and after it ends Vic slowly sing My Yesterdays gone And the guitar fades out to silence. I give this song an 8/10

Next, another slow song, but better then the other ones, Broken Wings starts out with a very slow guitar part, slamming into a slow but very heavy riff. The verse starts with this riff pounding in the background The chorus is very good, long notes from Vic, and variations to the guitar riff in the background. The riff continues as the second verse and chorus goes by and in the second chorus a whole new guitar part starts. And as Vic repeats “So far…so far…so far across the sea…†the riff starts again as George stars a very slow kind of a solo with the riff being played by the bass in the background. The riff continues with several variations made to it as the repeat the chorus again and the song ends. I give this song a 9/10.

The next song, All The Way. Starts out with a few gunshots, and then a solo. The drumming in the part is especially good. The solo ends and riff starts until the first verse starts. The vocals sound different then on the rest of the album, but still awesome. The chorus goes by and a heavy riff starts in the background followed by another solo. Verse 2 starts, sounding more like the vocals on the rest of the cd. They do the chorus again and then another solo! The solo ends and verse 3 starts and then another chorus, this time with variations to the guitar and repeating Where goin all the way until the end.

This is an awesome cd. I highly recommend this to any true metal fan, especially to fans of (early) Pantera, Shok Paris, Judas Priest, and AC/DC.

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