ABSURD: Pour Un Oui, Pour Un Nom CD. Traditional hard rock. CHECK OUT 9 whole songs


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Absurd is a French band that has been around for a few years and this eleven track album is their debut. Absurd sings in French and this gives their sound something unusual as not many French bands dare to sing in their native language anymore. The music Absurd brings can be categorised as traditional hard rock. Vocalist Chatte-Chatte has a pleasant sounding and powerful voice. Both guitarists Coco Angus and Pere David lay down a thick layer of riffs and solos on top of the tight rhythm foundation of Zuzu Flatazor (bass), and James Gino (drums). The songs are varied and well arranged.
1. Pour un oui… (1’02)

2. Jusqu peut-on aller? (4’44)

3. La peur au ventre (9’58)

4. Le priple lunaire de Pachy l’phant (5’24)

5. Matthias Grnewald (9’44)

6. Istanbul (4’27)

7. Librez la libellule (2’02)

8. Mythomane (6’41)
9 Justice est faite! (9’29)
10. Avant qu’il ne soit trop tard (5’11)
11. …Pour un nom (2’12)

Label: Pachy Prod ‎– ABS0102LHOOQ
Format: CD, Album
Country: France
Released: 2001
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock, Prog Rock

1 Pour Un Oui… 1:02
2 Jusqu’où Peut-On Aller? 4:44
3 La Peur Au Ventre

Concert Flute [Flûte Traversière] – Emilie Dufour

4 Le Périple Lunaire De Pachy L’éléphant

Lead Vocals [Monkey Lead Voice] – Père David

5 Matthias Grünewald 9:44
6 Istanbul

Voice [Poème Et Voix Dans L’intro] – ‘Kirk” Ahmet

7 Libérez La Libellule 2:02
8 Mythomane 6:41
9 Justice Est Faite! 9:29
10 Avant Qu’il Ne Soit Trop Tard 5:11
11.1 … Pour Un Nom 7:02
11.2 (silence) 2:01
11.3 Et Plus Si Affinités 2:42

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