ABOMINATOR: Nuctemeron Descent CD. Black metal, Blackened death metal. Check audio (all songs)


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Label: Osmose Productions, Playing time: 45:45

When it comes to Metal, the Aussies are able to make the most fucked up and violent albums ever made. ‘Nuctemeron Descent’ is fast as fuck, kicks ass like it’s not been kicked for a long time and should get any insane guy locked up in an asylum scream in joy.

  1. Dimensions of Mammon Enshroud – 5:01
  2. Cascading Carnage – 5:47
  3. Necrosexual Thrust – 5:17
  4. Intoxicated with Satanic Hate – 6:06
  5. Black Flames of Expulsion – 3:58
  6. Scourge Immortalised – 5:39
  7. Nuctemeron Descent – 4:43
  8. Hymn to Baphomet – 2:23
  9. The Ultimate Ordinance of Obliteration – 6:45


5.0 out of 5 stars One of 2004’s Best Black / Death Metal
A Pure Satanic Assault. A Relentless Militant Attack, Ceaseless in it’s Ferocity. My Personal Favorite.


5.0 out of 5 stars NUCTEMERON DESCENT,
this CD is fast and brutal, its metal in its most honest  and purest form. I have all 3 of their releases and only hear them getting more blistering every time . If you are looking for a CD that will knock your teeth out and leave
your head spinning on the floor BUY THIS! this music will not appeal to trendies !! buy it or die …. hail metal (REAL METAL)”

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