YOU CALL THAT ART: 01.01.01 CD. Hard Pop Funk Rock Masterpiece! Check audio (2 whole songs).


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Audio CD (2001)
Format: Import
Label: Hapi Skratch
ASIN: B00005B2XL

Track Listings
1 Verbal Overture 0:27
2 YOU CALL THAT ART Pinwheel (Seen a Girl?) 2:52

3 YOU CALL THAT ART Conclusion 2:01

4 Wondergirl 3:44
5 Boomerang 3:56
6 Speak 4:18
7 Didn’t I 3:56
8 Can’t Much Matter 3:59
9 Live Show Rumble 3:36
10 Ed Mac 1:08

“In the earliest days we played wild instrumental music and included all kinds of artistic bells & whistles in our performances. Eventually the band evolved into a more standard rock & roll outfit and we played a couple hundred shows and sold a couple thousand copies of our debut album: “01.01.01” (released on first of January, 2001) which we recorded at legendary punk studio The Blasting Room We enjoyed great press and a growing fan base throughout the Rocky Mountain Region”


Hard Pop Funk Rock Masterpiece
You Call That ART?s official debut album proves to be a lyrical AND musical masterpiece. Only to be outdone by their own local shows in Denver, Colorado (usually), these guys perform musical supremacy on stage and in the studio! Older fans of the Fort Collins-based band will love this much more classic compilation of almost all of the old favorites. Originally donning the creative and unknown genre of hard-pop-funk-rock, the four band members play music that lives up to its name. Most people may instinctively think, “You call that art?” But however creative, energetic, loud and crazy it becomes, it is definitely art even in possibly its rarest form. Beautiful lyrics, engaging chorus lines, and poppy drum lines leave the music replaying for hours in any happy listeners head. Such tracks as Pinwheel and Wondergirl sing lines about love and attraction, while Live Show Rumble powerfully exclaims the reasonings behind the bands [very] creative name. Don’t just take it from me (a humble reviewer), purchase this album yourself, and you will have a chance to share in a little bit of music perfection. At least until you have all of the songs memorized!

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