YACOPSAE: Einstweilige Vernichtung CD. Crushing German grindcore of the highest order. Check audio


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Label: Slap A Ham

Track Listings
1. Internetajakulator
2. Feinbild
3. Blutrausch
4. Drehzahlficker
5. Faustrecht
6. Nichts
7. Sprengstoff
8. Schlachtfest
9. Ziegenschadel
10. Homunkulus
11. Nihilist
12. Apokalypsae
13. Beziehungskiste
14. Autopsie
15. Seuchenherd
16. Fadenkreuz
17. Asozial
18. Verwesungsprozess
19. Kamikaze
20. Iltifatlar
21. Mikrokosmos
22. Molekularzerhacker
23. Hippiepest
24. Gaskammer
25. Fleisch
26. Arschlocher
27. Schweinegott
28. Granatenkopf
29. Uberlebenschance
30. Spiesser
31. Rucklaufsyndrom
32. Dunkelziffer
33. Aasfresser
34. Ghetto
35. Zerstorung
36. Mackiert
37. Slapahampogo

5.0 out of 5 stars
Released back in 2001 on the legendary, now-defunct Slap A Ham label, this is Yacopsaes follow-up to their “f*ck punk rock, this is turbo-speed violence” debut. On this amazing disc, you get 37 tracks in just over 20 minutes. Crushing German grindcore of the highest order, with alot of highly amusing production techniques. From start to finish there is absolutley no let-up from the unbridled fury of this album. Imagine Napalm Death with a sense of humour, sped-up by about 100, with a guitar sound that is akin to a high-speed train passing you by and you’re nearly close. Seriously, if you claim to be into extreme metal/grind/hardcore etc, and do not own this album, either you are a poser, or there is something wrong with you.

For fans of – Hellnation, Agathocles, Terrorizer, Unholy Grave, Spazz, Bastard Noise, Discordance Axis, Swaaarm, Narcosis, Nasum, Abstain, Sayyadina, Rotten Sound, Comrades, SU19B, Pig Destroyer etc etc etc…

Someone once described me as a person who has “a million ways of saying brutal,” which may be true, but I would have to use them all to effectively describe the fierceness of this album. Most bands that play unrelenting million-mile-an-hour fastcore sound like they are chaos incarnate-like they are about to reach escape velocity and go flying out of control. YACOPSAE are just the opposite. In spite of the fact they are one of the fastest bands I have ever heard their turbo-charged thrash is a model of precision and accuracy. Whereas most fastcore has an impact like a clusterbomb, YACOPSAE are more like a laser guided weapon used for surgical strikes.
You could safely say they are tighter than the skin around Joan Rivers eyes following a facelift. Every one of the 37 songbursts on this album is like a kick in the groin – short and violent, but apt to leave a lasting impression. If you thought the evolution of power violence was inevitably leading towards mathcore or screamo, then think again sucka because YACOPSAE is currently the zenith of the species. I am not exaggerating one iota when I say this album will go down as one of the greatest releases on Slap A Ham ever. People will be talking about this album in the same breathe as NO COMMENTs “Downsided,” LACK OF INTERESTs “Trapped Inside” or the CROSSED OUT 7″. The only flaw on the entire release is the gore pictures inside the CD. When are bands going to learn that regardless of the message they are trying to send gore art only detracts?