Words Will Never Be Actions LP. RARE vinyl only 500 in poster cover, MINT CONDITION. Punk, Spoken Word, Oi compilation


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Various – Words Will Never Be Actions
Label:Departure Records
Format:Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Style: Punk, Spoken Word, Oi

Departure is releasing a series of vinyl only Punk compilation albums the first of which, ‘Words Will Never Be Actions’, is out now. Those releases are in similar lines to what ‘Crass’ used to do with their ‘Bullshit
Detector’ albums in the eighties so this release too is accompanied by a full size black and white foldout poster featuring all the bands own artwork.

A1 Map – White Suitcase
A2 The Andraks – I.C.1
A3 Hatework – Power To Reason
A4 Kosmik Overdrive – Corporate War
A5 Colin Cross – 2020
A6 Stephen J – Finger On The Trigger
A7 Dogshit Sandwich – Stinkin’ Rich Parasite
A8 Total Control – Scapegoat
A9 The Young Ones – Human Beings
B1 Steve Juxta – All
B2 Age Of Chaos – Tony Stalin
B3 Los Paraliticos El Sanitorium – Civil War
B4 Jasmine Maddock – Vendetta
B5 P.U.S – Death From The Skies
B6 Psychoterror – U.S Bombs
B7 The Positives – No N.H.S
B8 The Voids – Acid Rain
B9 Quankmeyer Faergoalzia – Dissassemblement Of Reality
B10 Coldharbour – Scared Of Action

Comes with a full size black and white foldout poster (MINT CONDITION) cover.