WINGER: Miles Away 7″ PROMO + In the day well never see. Number 1 hit in USA. Mega Ballad. Check video.


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Miles Away – (UK) 7″ in p/s – Atlantic (A7802) 1990 – United Kingdom – b/w In The Day We’ll Never See

“Miles Away” Single by Winger from the album In the Heart of the Young
Released 1990
Genre A.O.R, Glam metal, Hard rock
Length 4:15
Label Atlantic
Writer(s) Paul Taylor
Producer Beau Hill

“Miles Away” is a single released by American glam metal/hard rock band Winger, from their album In the Heart of the Young. Released in late 1990 to pop radio after already reaching number one in most AOR markets, the song peaked at #12 on the Hot 100. It is also significant for being Wingers only ever hit single in the United Kingdom, reaching #56 on 24 January 1991.

End of year chart (1991) Position
U.S. Billboard Hot 100  97

If you watched the TV show Beavis And Butthead, the nerdy guy Stewart always wore a Winger tee shirt and was made fun of. That was a bad rap because Winger weren’t any wussier than most hair bands. Faster songs like “Seventeen” and “Madelaine” got them on the map, but ballads like “Headed For A Heartbreak” and this one were their biggest hits.

So this is love, or so you tell me, as you’re walkin’ out the door
The months go by, and I know for certain, its not the love I’m lookin’ for

But sometimes just for a moment, I reach out, hope you’re still there

Miles away, no you’re never turnin’ back and I just can’t wait anymore
Miles away, nothing left of what we had
Just when I needed you most, you were miles away

Its hard to tell what you’re going through
You kept your feelings locked inside of you
Open your heart and chances are, what you’re feeling, I’m feeling too

If only just for a moment, hold on to the dreams that we had


When times were tough, and you were down and out, who was there by your side
Now you’ve gone, I’m so tired of being alone with only your promises


The loneliness just fades away, thoughts of you just memories
No cryin’ now for what we’re missin’, time won’t forget what you meant to me

If only just for a moment, hold on to the dreams that we had

chorus repeats 2x

This song shows that from the moment you need youre best friend you find out your best friend isn’t there… He found that he had to give up his relationship to move on with his life. Somtimes the person you love can sit right beside you and yet be miles away…

Winger – Miles Away

This song is a power ballad at its finest. To me, this song seems to be about still missing a lost love even though the relationship is long over. Although she may not actually be miles away, it feels like she is.

When you look up the meaning of “power ballad” you will see this song next to it.

This song never gets/got the credit it deserved. Great power ballad with powerful chorus. Kips voice really shines in this song.

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