VICIOUS MARY: CD PROMO Frontiers Records. A la Fair Warning, Harem Scarem, Journey. Check audio.


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Category: Melodic Metal
Year: 2002
Label: Frontiers Records (Italy)
Catalog Number: 117

Terence Holler vocals
BB Nick guitars
Pete Daniels guitars
Sean Henderson keyboards, piano

Louis Stefanini additional bass
Fausto Torresan additional guitars
Camy Colleluori additional drums
Annalisa Roman additional vocals
Luca Nitragli additional vocals
Pier Fantin additional vocals

1. Love or Hate 04:11
2. When He Cries 03:47
3. Outside 04:11
4. Million Words 05:33
5. Crying for You 05:15
6. The Call 03:42
7. E.L.I.S.A. 04:01
8. Keysage 03:49
9. Ill Be There for You 04:46
10. You Run Me Wild 02:39
11. Indian Giver 04:52

Vicious Mary was a one-off project put together by vocalist Terence Holler and keyboardist Sean Henderson from Italian progressive/power metal band Eldritch along with White Skull guitarist Nick Savio. They wanted to take a step back from the metal scene and try their hand at the kind of melodic rock bands like Fair Warning and Harem Scarem do so well.
I was never much of an Eldritch fan, but I have to admit the 2002 Vicious Mary debut is pretty darned good. Hollers voice works pretty well in a traditional melodic rock setting, though hes perhaps a bit too gruff for a genre where Steve Perry is the gold standard. As to Henderson…well, keyboards are an AOR staple after all! Theres a nice mix of the classic, Journey-inspired AOR sound and the more modern melodic rock of Harem Scarem. Its just a really solid, mid-tempo melodic rock offering from start to finish, and one that makes you wish they had stuck around to give it another try. Highlights include the upbeat album opener “Love or Hate”, the very melodic “You Run Me Wild” and the absolutely gorgeous keyboard instrumental “Keysage”.
Vicious Mary is a totally solid melodic rock album that should please most fans of the “Frontiers” sound.

A song from this album is available in the CD compilation:

Sealed Rock On magazine & Rock On Music CD Ultra Rare compilation w. Exclusive songs: Mordicus, Boetz & Lemmy (Motorhead) etc.

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