USELESS ID: Redemption CD. Punk Rock,.
USELESS ID: Redemption CD. Punk Rock,.
USELESS ID: Redemption CD. Punk Rock,.

USELESS ID: Redemption CD. Punk Rock,.


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Useless ID – Redemption – Full Album:

Despite being one of the few Israeli punk outfits to break into markets like the U.S. and Japan, Haifas Useless ID are no mere anomaly. With a heavy influx of pop — not dissimilar to blink 182, the Ataris, and No Use for a Name — the band aligns with Descendents founder Bill Stevenson at his Fort Collins mecca, The Blasting Room, for Redemption, one of 2005s most palatable examples of the subgenre. Considering the Descendents connection (they have a percolating number called “Drinkage” for crying out loud), its rather fitting that hooks, chicks, and beer play so heavily. The melancholy tease of “Its Alright” soon gives way to more powerful, inventive numbers like “Suffer for the Fame” — which smacks of Alls more progressive punk approach — and the Millencolin-like “State of Fear.” Still, its the contagious, albeit somewhat innocuous, “Turn Up the Stereo” and “Dying Love” that advocate Useless IDs hit potential. ~ John D. Luerssen

Its been said that the third times the charm, and thats definitely the case with Useless ID and their latest release, Redemption. After playing songs as fast and short as they possibly could for the first 7 years of the bands existence, Useless ID decided to slow it down for their last record No Vacation from the World, and were pleasantly surprised by what they heard. Inspired by their new found sound, Useless ID decided they wanted to push themselves even further for their next record and take their music to a whole new level.
“Yotam spent a lot of time listening to Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys and I got back to a lot of my old English punk and Oi records” says guitarist Ishay Berger. “After touring with Frenzal Rhomb, No Use for a Name, The Vandals and other great punk bands for the 2 years between No Vacation from The World and Redemption we knew it was time to put out our vision of what punk rock should sound like in 2005.”

The band enlisted the help of super producer Bill Stevenson (Descendents, All) to make their vision a reality and spent a month recording at the famed Blasting Room recording studio in Colorado. With Stevenson at the helm, Useless ID were able to put in the maximum amount of energy and aggression into their songs and create some of their strongest melodies to date. At the base of Redemption there are great songs, fueled by the bands experiences on tour and living in a place where chaos and trouble are all too common. Stevenson, “the godfather of punk as we know it” according to the band, allowed Useless ID to take their songs from normal pop punk hook-laden, songs about girls-and-love to a new level by mixing in some moodier melodies, impressive vocal harmonies and darker song subjects. The result is Redemption, a record that is set to solidify their place in the pop-punk world for good.

At a time where most bands care more about their look than their musical integrity, and where true punk spirit is absent from the so-called “punk” bands, Useless ID are still all about playing hard, touring harder, and writing & playing the best songs they possibly can. In their own words, “We will tour our asses off in support of Redemption, armed with new drummer “Harpunk” and a case of cheap wine. We hope to see you all at the show.”

Redemption is the fifth full-length studio album by Israeli punk band Useless ID, released on July 12, 2005. It is the first album that the band recorded at the Blasting Room in Colorado with producer Bill Stevenson, and it was released on the Kung Fu label.
The song “State of Fear” has appeared on the punk rock compilation Rock Against Bush, Vol. 2.
The album was recorded with session drummer Moshe Liberman as at the time the bands drummer Ido Blaustein left and they were without a drummer for the time. Yonatan Harpak who joined the band shortly after the recording of the album, is credited for the drums on the album although he doesn’t appear on the album.

Track listing:
“Its Alright” 2:57
“Kiss Me. Kill Me” 2:35
“Pink Stars and Magazines” 2:12
“Deny It” 3:02
“Suffer For the Fame” 2:36
“Turn Up the Stereo” 3:27
“Before I Go” 3:13
“Dying Love” 3:24
“Drinkage” 2:40
“Everything Turned Red” 3:01
“State of Fear” 3:10
“Redemption” 3:34

Yotam Ben-Horin – lead vocals, bass
Ishay Berger – lead guitar, backing vocals
Guy Carmel – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Yonatan Harpak – drums, percussion (credited although he doesn’t appear on the album)

Additional personnel
Moshe Liberman – drums, percussion
Billy “Idol” Stevenson – lead guitars on “Kiss Me. Kill Me”
Chris Fogal – additional vocals on “Deny It”

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