TOMORROW’S EVE: The Unexpected World CD. Great Progressive Metal a la Dream Theater, Vanden Plas. Check audio samples!


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Studio Album, released in 2000 B.Mind Records (a la Dream Theater, Vanden Plas)

Voyager (8:47):

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Intro (0:20)
2. Success (6:50)
3. Voyager (8:47)
4. Outside (3:08)
5. Silent Dream (0:34)
6. Changes (12:27)
7. Descent Into Insanity (7:40)
8. Conflict (6:24)
9. The Unexpected World (0:59)

Total Time: 47:09

Conflict (6:24):

Line-up / Musicians
– Ralf Gottlieb / drums, percussion
– Rainer Grund / guitars
– Sascha Hilles / bass
– Oliver Schwickert / keyboards
– Peter Webel / vocals

Outside (3:08):

The success of their first album “The Unexpected World” released by B.Mind Records (Berlin), was overwhelming. Tomorrows Eve garnered international attention + radio play

Progressive Metal

Tomorrows Eve is Teutonic prog metal band playing a very decent type of prog metal, containing all the elements a prog metal band should pose, combined with a good production and a DDD recording, this one is definitely worth buying.

After the electronic opening mini-track, Tomorrows Eve immediately kick in with a heavy guitar melody and fierce double bass drums. The most important reference, Dream Theater, is obvious from the start. They produce a nice track with various rhythms and interesting melodic lines. And as a matter of fact, the somewhat less complex nature of the tracks makes it more appealing to those who think Dream Theater go over the edge at times. For instance, the next track Voyager, features all a prog metal fans heart desires. The heavy guitars, the complex, constantly changing rhythm lines, long melodic tension arcs, good vocals, at times interrupted by some kind of death-voice (not very offensive, fortunately), all these ingredients simply add up to a good track. Even the really fast guitar thing that our friends of DT often do finds its place here. Of course, no prog metal album can do without a rock ballad, and in this case it is represented by Outside.

With the short piano foreplay of Silent Dream, the epic of the album, Changes starts. The intro reminds me strongly of Pendragon, in terms of the melody lines of guitar, keys and drums. The advantage of a 10+ minute track is that a band can really show their compositional skills. In this case, they are more than OK; the track stays interesting. The rhythmic changes occur at the right places, there is a good change in dynamics and moods.
Descent Into Insanity opens with a mildly hysteric key-thing, but becomes more sane metal further down the road. Quite a heavy track, with the distorted vocals only adding to that heaviness. The last track, apart from the electronic ending (as the album began), is quite uptempo, but larded with nice dragging keyboard chords. It features the most catching chorus on the album, interrupted by the most difficult to consume breaks. Just the way we like it, don’t we ;-).

In conclusion, I think fans of prog metal and Dream Theater in particular, will be quite delighted with this release. Good solid prog metal good mastering of the instruments, good vocals, good production…you will not be disappointed.

Descent Into Insanity (7:40):

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