The RING: Tales from Midgard CD PROMO. Epic Power Metal. Evergrey, Royal Hunt, Hammerfall band members. Check samples


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Ring: Tales From Midgard
Label: Scarlet SC 088-2
Format: CD
Country: Italy
Released: 07 Jun 2004
Genre: Metal, Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal, Power Metal
1 In The Beginning 6:56
2 Gathering Darkness 5:35
3 Voices Of The Fallen Kings 4:47
4 Into The Wild 6:37
5 Unite Or Fall 7:10
6 Halls Of Doom 9:02
7 Signs By The Silver Stream 7:44
8 The Chase 7:07
9 Last Battle 5:21
10 Escape 1:57

Guitar, Bass, Keyboards Marcus Jidell, Pontus Norgren
Vocals, Drums, Keyboards Jakob Samuel

Concept album based on “The Lord of the Ring : The Fellowship of the Ring” by J.R.R. Tolkien

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Time: 62:20
Label: Scarlet Records

Great review and audio samples:

Marcus Jidell Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
See also: Evergrey, ex-Royal Hunt, ex-Pain (live)
Pontus Norgren Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
See also: HammerFall, ex-Dreams Fall, ex-The Poodles
Jakob Samuelsson Vocals, Drums, Keyboards
See also: The Poodles, ex-Midnight Sun, ex-Treasure Land

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Power metal super group The Ring emerged from Stockholm, Sweeden in early 2004 and consists of three musicians ( Pontus, Jakob and Marcus) who started the band in order to remind themselves of why they started making music in the first place. This drive leads them as a band to combine heaviness found of Dio-era Black Sabbath, riffery of early Metallica, twin guitar lines of Judas Priest and then to work it all into a flowing concept album. Being Swedish, they also supplement Nordic harmonies that are sometimes reminiscent of folk music and old classical masters of Scandinavia (Grieg, Sibelius).

5.0 out of 5 stars Hidden gem from The Ring
I am glad that I found this little gem. Every song is amazing. If you are a fan of power-metal with story concept, I highly recommend this one. I own well over 2500 cd recordings of Metal music. I am a collector, so when I choose to buy music of a particular band, they have to truly engage me musically and artistically, and this band has all the right elements. Get it! before it goes completely out of print.

Traditional Heavy Metal with some tones of Power Metal. Everything is in place, the vocals are fine, and instruments are played nicely. Compositions are thankfully varied, exciting, and exhilarating. “Halls Of Doom” carries on his some Black Sabbath influences, “Voices Of The Fallen Kings” and “In The Beginning” are worth mentioning also. This trio sure has managed to create a Cd filled with some good tunes and melodies, also filed with punch and aggression from time to time.

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