The POORBOYS: Pardon Me CD 1992. Check audio and video + a video review. A la Black Crows, AC/DC, Cry of Love, Drivin n Cryin, Junkyard. Signed, autographed.


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The answer to early The Black Crows. This band had it all. They were in a big label, had Andy Wallace to produce them, had all the great songs that you would hope to hear and still did become a big name. This is a must have album nevertheless!



Category: Rock
Year: 1992
Label: Hollywood Records
Catalog Number: HR- 60997-2

Dennis Hill vocals, guitar
Rik Sanchez guitar, vocals
Joey Phillipy bass, vocals
Andre Bonter drums

1. Hey Man
2. Can’t Get Back
3. Guilty
4. The Last Time
5. Love and Faith
6. Shine
7. Never That Easy
8. No Real Emotion
9. Brand New Amerika
10. The Healing
11. Make Your Move
12. Don’t Need You ‘Round

Duration  48:33

This is actually a pretty good album. “Brand New Amerika” was a minor hit. Really there are no bad songs on it. The only problem is that the album came out at a time when this style of hard rock was being phased out in favor of Grunge and alternative. So the album really never stood a chance of becoming as big as it deserved to. Recommended.
nice disc. I was really excited about it when I first heard it. Catchy hard rock, some great tunes here.
Good bluesy hard rock album for those who like Black Crowes or Ragging Slab. Don’t mistake these guys for a hairband….. Bought this on a whim and it rocks. Totally AWESOME I love it has some great catchy tunes the music does not overpower the vocals either which is cool!!!
Consistent…not a filler on the disc. Just great catchy, melodic rock ‘n’ roll. Everything on it is tasteful and sounds like it should be there right down to the guitar solos. I bought this when it came out and I still listen to it regularly.
Am VERY glad I bought this. Good, bluesy hard rock that does indeed bring the Black Crowes to mind, but on various songs, I was also reminded of the Rock City Angels, Tora Tora, Junkyard, and even Drivin’ n Cryin’. While there are some tracks that don’t really jump up and grab me, as others have said, there is not really a bad song on this disc. “Brand New Amerika” is GREAT. Go grab this one now…
Ditto – love this one – recommended to anyone into Cry of Love/Black Crowes etc – most of the songs are catchy and all of them are good
let me just say love them… especially the drummer!
Dennis is one of the most underrated singers in the 90s. It is still one my favorites today. My 14 year old nephew is learning to play guitar, so I gave him a copy and told him, “This is Rock and Roll 101. These guys do it all. Learn it.”
I just picked this cd up…glad i did too! It is a really good, catchy album! Definitely a great CD! I recommend it! This is a gem that no one knows about. If you like the Black Crowes and ZZ Top, you will dig these guys. I agree with the posts above, not a bad tune on the whole damn thing.
Hard Rock album with a Southern edge, clean production, if you like Black Crowes or Cry of Love you´ll definitely enjoy this one. “The Last Time” “No Real Emotion” and “Guilty” are my favoured ones.

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