The HERITAGE: Living Standing Burning CD. RARE Private US 1995. 80’s classic Heavy Metal N.W.O.B.H.M. + great cover


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Label: Private US 1995
Genre: Heavy/Power/Epic / N.W.O.B.H.M.
After Electric Eels, guitarist Jerry Leal formed the blues-fueled melodic hard rock band The Heritage with Groundstar female vocalist/keyboardist Sharon Jordan.
Totally unknown/overlooked fine US Metal with great female vocals! Reminds on a heavier and rougher version of MALISHA, totally 80s Metal, this CD takes you back in time! Only 2000 copies of this CD ever made!

1. Having a good time 3:38
2. Push my button 3:57
3. Livin’ a lie 4:40
4. What are you doing 3:42
5. Living…standing…burning… 5:25
6. Flame dance 1:26
7. Rockin’ Seattle 4:43
8. These boots are made for walkin’ 3:54 [super Metal cover… Nancy Sinatra]
9. Speed kills 3:50
10. Other world friends 6:47

You surely remember the legendary GROUNDSTAR – Forced Landing LP. This CD from the 90s continues the story as the original members Sharon Jordan and Jerry Leal are still on the scene! If you like that sound of the 80s – powerful voice of Sharon, heavy guitar tunes and perfectly timed drums – don’t hesitate – you won’t be disappointed !

The commercial sounding “Speed kills”: