TERRA FIRMA: Harms Way CD special PROMO 2001 old Black Sabbath, Swedish Hard rock Metal Stoner + modern progressive krautrock. Check video + samples


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Terra Firma Harms Way
Label: Steamhammer SPV 085-72322-P CD
Format: CD, Album, Enhanced. Promo version packaged in a maxi single jewel case. MINT CONDITION
Country: Germany
Released: 2001
Genre: Heavy Metal
1 Freebassing (Instrumental) 3:47
2 Groundman 3:52
3 Harms Way 4:16
4 Have Demon, Will Travel 6:50
5 Threefivenine 3:14
6 Dust Parade 2:55
7 Sway 4:32
8 Open Season 3:37
9 Steel Scale 9:07
+ Video Threefivenine

Bass Nico Moosebeach
Drums Izmo Ledderfejs
Guitar Freddie Eugene, Nico Moosebeach
Lyrics By Chritus*
Music By Eugene*, Ledderfejs*, Moosebeach* (tracks: 1 to 7, 9)

Vocals Lord Chritus

Recorded at Dogpound Audio
Mastered at Cosmos Mastering Autumn/Winter 2000 Stockholm, Sweden
Barcode: NONE

Sophomore album for Scandinavian stoner-rock act featuring Lord Chritus & guitarist Freddie Eugene. Classic 60s & 70s inspired rock with hints of Black Sabbath & Cathedral along with touches of Monster Magnet & Kyuss. 10 tracks featuring the CD-ROM video for ‘Threefivenine’. 2001 release.

5.0 out of 5 stars no stoners,
People keep comparing this band to Stoner Movement bands Like Monster Magnet and Kyuss, but they are so off. This band is like a modern version of a progressive krautrock unit. With spacey interludes including good keyboard work by the guitarist occasional flute and acoustic guitars, great emotional vocals too. When they turn up then you get the comparisons to the grunge movement, but there is so much more to these Swedes, In fact they sound like they had a healthy diet of 70s European culture, thats the side of the band thats intresting, but the blistering Sabbath moments are welcomed indeed, real different for “enhanced moods”..If you like Mammoth Volume you love this…


Terra Firma is a Swedish stoner rock band which was formed by Fredrik Lindgren after leaving Unleashed and with Lord Chritus a.k.a. Christian Lindersson, who used to sing in the Swedish band Count Raven and Los Angeles based band St. Vitus. Terra Firma would later break up and Fredrik would start a new band called Harms Way.
Terra Firma also featured the band members Izmo Hedlund on Drums and Nico Moosebeach a.k.a. Nico Elgstrand on Bass who would later move onto Entombed. The band recorded 2 fullength albums a couple of vinyl singles and appeared on a couple of compilation CDs and split 7″ vinyl. Terra Firma played some gigs in Sweden and did some European tours with band such as; Atomic Bitchwax, Cathedral, Orange Goblin, Dozer, Masters of Reality, Blackshine, Dismember, Murder Squad, Entombed, Mammoth Volum, etc.
Sounding a little like Ozzy on speed, with Zakk Wylde on guitar. All in all its not bad, very adventurous in the mix: Ozzy-like voice, Zakk-like guitar and early Monster Magnet-sound. But definitely worth to try it out.

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