SWEET DEAL Eulogy n Initial Label (sealed) sampler songs by 23 bands. Walls of Jericho, boysetsfire etc. Check all 23 samples


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This one includes songs by 23 bands that are signed to those two labels (Initial & Eulogy). There is considerable variety in here. From light indie sounding bands or even slightly pop punk bands to very shouty hardcore (This Day Forward, Twelve Tribes, Walls of Jericho). I personally prefer the less shouty hardcore songs by bands like Morning Again (do I detect some Slayer inspired riffs in there), Slugfest, Trust no One.

Check all 23 samples:

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Compilation
This compilation rocks. Plain and simple, its awesome. Everything is on this CD, hardcore, emo, punk, rock, and bunches of other stuff. Granted you may not like every single band on the CD (I didn’t), there are some truly great bands on here that you might like. For 6$, this CD is a great deal. You owe it to your self to try something new, and listen to something different. You never know, your new favorite band could be on this CD. Just pick it up.

1 boysetsfire – The Tyranny of What Everybody Knows
2 Christiansen – Unhappy Forever Ending
3 Despair – Kill
4 Elliott – Waiting While Under Paralysis
5 The Enkindels – Just Another Sellout
6 Falling Forward – Character
7 Forever and a Day – Hands Down
8 Glasseater – 7 Years Bad Luck
9 Ink & Dagger – Fine Art of Original Sin
10 The Jazz June – The Medicine
11 Keepsake – She Hums Like a Radio
12 King for a Day – Dolly Llama
13 Morning Again – To Die a Bitter Death
14 The Movielife – Maybe Its Nothing
15 Red Roses for a Blue Lady – Musical Chairs
16 Santa Sangre – Feast for the New Gods
17 Silent Majority – Nautilus
18 Slugfest – High and Mighty
19 This Day Forward – The End of August
20 Trust No One – Sometimes
21 Twelve Tribes – Kite Eating Tree
22 Unearth – My Desire
23 Walls of Jericho – A Day and a Thousand Years

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