SWALLOWED BY MACHINERY, Volume three CD. Ltd. edition D.I.Y (ambient noise-rock, metal-core, avant-guard rock, etc.) Check video


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Swallowed By Machinery, Volume 3
Well-received comp. Worldwide participants with a slight NW USA emphasis. All DIY, all fun. Handmade, signed, numbered covers.
Released 2002

Track Listing:
The Lights: I’m a Dangerous Snake
Fusaine: Pferd Musik
Deerhoof: I Hear an Echo
Lowbelly: Violaine Moderato
Zann: talfahit ius Gluck
a radio with guts: the white trucks will ruin everything
bengeorge7: red dress on (lady with the)
ENE: crawly wrongside

Encompass and Stalemate: these stained red hands/ devoid of love
the band from bloody elle: go der
Department of Experimental Health: Bomb the USA
Mark Price: Call Me a Quitter, But I’m Still Getting Cuts
The Nels Cline Singers: Have A Bitchin’ Summer
G. America: “Worlds Worst Kept Secret”
the predictors: the suddening
Tempus Fugit: le trajet
17 song / 60 minute compilation that also includes two quick time videos for The Lights Victims of the Pleasure:


Various   Swallowed By Machinery, Volume Three
Label: Fort Hazel   fhm045
Format: CD, Compilation, Enhanced
Country: US
Released: 2002
Genre: Punk, Avantgarde
1 The Lights I’m A Dangerous Snake 3:18
2 Fusaine Pferd Music 1:45
3 Deerhoof I Hear An Echo 4:44
4 Lowbelly Violane Moderato (A_Rad_Wigs Remix) 2:33
5 Zann Talfahit Ius Gluck 2:44
6 darph/nadeR Headroom Section1 2:18
7 A Radio With Guts The White Trucks WIll Ruin Everything 2:41
8 Bengeorge7 Red Dress On (Lady With The) 2:27
9 Ene Crawly Wrongside 3:38
10 Encompass And Stalemate These Stained Red Hands/Devoid Of Love 5:41
11 Band From Bloody Elle, The Go Der 2:07
12 Department Of Experimental Health Bomb The USA 3:08
13 Mark Price (3) Call Me A Quitter, But I’m Still Getting Cuts 1:20
14 Nels Cline Singers, The Have A Bitchin’ Summer 6:07
15 G America Worlds Worst Kept Secret 4:09
16 Predictors, The The Suddening 4:01
17 Tempus Fugit* Le Trajet 7:30
CDs come with individual, hand-numbered collage cover art packaged in a polysleeve. With insert. Limited edition of 1,000.


Fort Hazel is a small independent record label based out of Boise Idaho and have graced us with the third installment of Swallowed by Machinery; seventeen songs that are as eclectic and varied as you will likely ever hear on a compilation CD. While this comp is unquestionably DIY (complete with magazine cutouts for liner art and a hand cut track listing), the quality and presentation of the music makes this CD an eerie and wonderful addition to your collection.
Some of the most noteworthy tracks are Deerhoof – I hear an Echo (avant-guard rock), Low Belly Violaine Moderato (a_rad_wigs remix) (instrumental avant-guard), Zann taalfahit ius Gluck (a German metal-core band that I would love to hear more of), darph/nader – Headroom Section 1 (ambient noise-rock), a radio with guts – the white trucks will ruin everything (a one-man-band lo-fi project), Encompass and Stalemate – these stained red hands/devoid of love (metal-core joy from Baton Rouge), the band from bloody elle – go der (a wildly experimental song that is so simple that its captivating), Department of Experimental Health – Bomb the USA (from the track listing:
Bomb the USA was written a year before the S-11 bombing. It is still legitimate. The song is about equality. It is about justice. It is about peace. Let the US Government feel the pain it inflicts upon others throughout the world. Let war be as spitting in the wind. Bomb the bomb factories. Become the media with a vengeance. Wage peace with weapons of wisdom. Explode. Implode. Fight with your wallet, your eyes, your soul. The air is now dense with the thick smog of Patriotism. Who can see clearly? The USA is still blocking the ICC in order to be world police with impunity, to defend Democracy with tyranny, ruthlessness, and deceit. The USA is not a place. It is in your mind. In honor of Nagasaki Vietnam, and the tens of thousands of civilians murdered by the USA military (1989-1991). Bomb the USA.
To fully imagine the theme think of the song by Raft of Dead Monkeys, Fight the CIA but imagine if Raft was serious. Before your eyes roll in the back of your head, if its not too late, realize that this is a pretty decent electronic/industrial song from a German two piece band).
If you are looking for the obscure, and are craving an anti-radio-friendly CD, be sure to support local music from all over the world by picking this CD up. There are only 1,000 pressings.


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