SMILIN LIAR: Loaded Language CD. Great modern METAL / metalcore. Check audio + video


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11 tracks of brutal honesty.
Produced by Chad Hanks (American Head Charge)
The energy is unmatchable. Guitars crushing as they cry to you. Drums pounding grooves that touch and move. Tears falling from the vocalist as he spits out words of love, hate, truth, lies, passion and hope. Sweat pours from every face and burns the eyes. Blood breaks through the calloused fingertips and stains the strings. Never has there been a band that performs with such raw emotion, with such pain and joy.
It was when Chad Hanks of American Head Charge took over the production role that everything came together. Smilin Liar new album, “”Loaded Language””, is eleven tracks of brutal honesty. Smilin Liar holds nothing back on this album and pours every one of their best performances into it.

Album SAMPLES (edits):

1.Apathy Ever After 3:48

2.Awake and Breathing 3:22
3. Like No Tomorrow 4:36
4. Locust 4:04
5. Mother 5:27
6. Embrace the Impact 2:50
7. Screaming Through Actions 4:13
8. A Broken Song 2:06
9. Something Else 2:39
10. Anti-Hate Crime 3:40
11. Dropping the Smile 3:15

Great CD

one of the guys from American Head Charge had helped with the album. It doesn’t sound like AHC so don’t buy it expecting it to be like a hidden AHC album.

Smilin Liar has their own sound. I listened to them here for about 2 minutes total and I knew right then, I should go ahead and just buy the album. The vocals are extremely ranged which is a nice change from some of my favorite bands ( Meshuggah, Lamb of God, etc.) who don’t always change it up that much. The guitar work can be very heavy at times and then switch to something very technical. I’d have to say that there aren’t many bands like these guys anymore. The album will remind you of a lot of different bands from the eary 2000’s like Ultraspank, Nothingface, Deftones, and yeah…… a little American Head Charge. This album was released in 2003 so it kinda has an emo feel to it but Smilin Liar had the ability to make their music heavier and better orchistrated than most bands at that time.

I don’t know why these guys didn’t get a ton of recognition for this album. But, I highly recommend buying it.


WOW! I love it

Its so great to hear really good LOCAL music, and this CD totally kicks ass.



Loaded Language blew me away! Loud and heavy to epic and soulful, this is an outstanding CD. Do not hesitate, buy it and tell everyone you know about it!

Angel Martinez

Ya,, my new favorite band.

I bought it for one song, but the rest of the album is fantastic. When the time comes that I get tired of this album, I’ll order their previous one, didn’t know till I read the reviews above that this was their second album. This album needs to be heard by others. Awesome lyrics.


It was awesome.

WOW…this CD is very good. I can’t get tired of the songs and I keep listening to it over and over again. The lyrics are awesome and the music is awesome too. Smilin Liar is now my favorite band! I can’t wait to see them in concert on May 8th!



Although im not in possesion of this album yet myself, i have had the chance to hear well over half of it through demos, live performances, radio, and now smilin liar’s website. all i can really say is that this is an album that is needed to be heard by a more vast audience than its contained to at this point and time.

it is influential
it is inspiring
it is brilliant
it is moving
it is smilin liar, and that’s all there’s to be said about it.

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kick ass!

loaded language was awesome, the songs were loud, deep, and way different from the other bands you here today.


This CD is by far on my top 5 favorite cd list

I heared of this band from my brother, i decided to get their CD, i cant listen to it enough, its one of my favorites of all time

Mike Lounde

A near perfect record

Conceptually and musically, this album is perfect. It’s totally cohesive, and the songs never grow old. It requires a couple listens to distinguish some of the songs from the more stand-out performances, but everything sits well in the end and you’re quite happy you bought it. Plus, the album art is fun to look at and adds to the sombre mood, and that’s very rare.

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The best local music

This CD is awesome. From the lyrics to the beats themselves it is amazing. If you liked Smilin Liar’s 1st CD you’ll love Loaded Language. Check it out.

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