Sammath: Dodengang CD PROMO with press release 2006. Black metal. Netherlands Holland. Check audio (whole album)


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Sammath ‎– Dodengang
Label: Folter Records ‎– FR 038
Format: CD, Album, Promo
Country: Germany
Released: 2006
Black Metal
1 To Hell
2 Ravager
3 Dodengang
4 Ashes To Ashes
5 Imminence War Death
6 Stalingrad
7 Oblivion
8 Merciless

this certainly is a black metal album

 Dark Funeral is clearly the prevailing influence here, as Sammath almost note-for-note copies that band’s distinctive style of dark, dogmatic riffing based on tremolo picking or the occasional attempt at being epic (which just means slowing the music down and using held chords, not actually changing the sense of melody or anything). Sammath occasionally attempts to liven up the proceedings by very briefly introducing keyboards at pivotal moments in the songs (such as near the end of ‘Stalingrad’), but really they’re so sparsely used that the impression they make while present is immediately forgotten in the ensuing tide of perpetual blast beats and tremolo riffs.

This album isn’t enjoyable in a very primitive way. It’s fairly professional and catchy composed. The riffs are good, the drumming is fast and consistent, and the vocals are reasonably hateful, so it is a satisfactory black metal album.

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