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Chronicles gives RUSH fans a chance to familiarise themselves with their favourite songs including Tom Sawyer, Subdivisions and Time Stand Still. Newly re-mastered audio and visuals bring songs like Closer to the Heart, The Trees and Limelight to new life. Sound off the Distant Early Warning and sit yourself down with the ride of your life with Red Barchetta because rock fans will go absolutely crazy for the digitally enhanced video collection.

Tracklist includes: Closer to the Heart / The Trees / Limelight / Tom Sawyer / Red Barchetta / Subdivisions / Distant Early Warning / Red Sector A / The Big Money / Mystic Rhythms / Time Stand Still / Lock and Key”

Behind The DVD 😉 – “Tom Sawyer” with Alex Lifeson from Rush

Behind The DVD 😉 – “Limelight” with Alex Lifeson from Rush

Closer to the Heart.  What Makes This Song Great? Here’s what:

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