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RICK RAY: The Guitarsonist

Release: 2002 Label: Neurosis Records

Total Playing Time: 67’53 ”

Tracklist :

1.   The Guitarsonist (7:08)

2.   Psycho Sam (5:56)

3.   Kill Max Kill (5:15)

4.   Dance Floor King (3:15)

5.   Mr: Cooper (6:01)

6.   Caution Flammable (3:35)

7.   Domestic Terrorism (6:19)

8.   Dance Of The Particles (2:03)

9.   The Weasles Bite (3:08)

10.   We All Fall Down (2:56)

11.   Of Your Own Design (3:22)

12.   Guitaren’t You Surprised (2:52)

13.   The Battlefield (4:13)

14.   The Climb From Sheol (2:27)

15.   Out In The Street (5:36)

16.   I’m Sorry (3:40)

American guitarist Rick Ray is on our ass canals scarcely known, but meanwhile still has an impressive discography on his record: 19 CDs barely 3 years … thus they will likely be in the Guinness Book of Records. This is the m ost cases recorded in a studio with limited resources and that is also the main downside of ‘The Guitarsonist “man’s last album (at least as he now still no new album is released). Rick Ray plays almost all instruments and is only assisted by Rick Schultz on clarinet.

The title track is an instrumental song, which already immediately the qualities of Rick Ray on guitar come forward with a guitar sound that me curiously a little reminiscent of Uriah Heep, but also keeps any comparison. The influences of guitar gods like Jimi Hendrix and Robin Trower are more obvious.

“Psycho Sam has some Zappa influences seasoned in a Beatles sauce and accompanied by the vibrating clarinet of Shultz: a melodic ballad.

In ‘Kill Max Kill’ are spoken sound clips attached to each other by means of a rather monotonous sound synthesizer and acoustic guitar.

‘Dance Floor King’ is again a strange track with some interesting electric guitar solos: a little heavy rock à la seventies.

‘Mr. Cooper ‘is one of the highlights of the album: a real song (again a ballad), interspersed with electric and acoustic guitar passages, yet one of the most progressive moments on this CD.

“Caution Flammable” again contains an interplay between guitar and synthesizer, unlike previous albums Rick Ray used on ‘The Guitarsonist’ despite the title a lot more keyboards.

“Domestic Terrorism” is a fairly aggressive heavy rock song, with his back to hear some great guitar solos. Again, through the song woven a number of statements which apparently Jesus Christ is never far away … this is a trend ??

“Dance of the Particles” is a short but ominous song with heavy guitars, which particles come to the dances is beyond me. The guidance is on bass, like the whole album, not impressive, rather austere. And since also been chosen for the drumming for the computer, I would for the next album yet again rely on some good musicians.

‘The Weasles Bite’ is an ordinary rock number simply, “We All Fall Down” is a jazzy ballad with some solos on electric piano. For a guitarist Rick Ray does not bad on keyboards, but was initially still a guitar virtuoso.

“Or Your Own Design ‘has a jazzy guitar solo,” Guitaren’t You Surprised’ starts in an ambient atmosphere and then quickly go into swirling wah-wah guitar solos.

In ‘The Battlefield’ clarinet of Shultz returned to the fore, while ‘The Climb From Sheol contains a psychedelic guitar solo.

“Out In The Street ‘again starts very jazzy guitar and clarinet, but goes pretty quickly into heavy rock guitar solos, while the tempos and solos on Hammond ensure the progressive nature of the song.

‘I’m sorry’ is the acoustic end of this rather strange but interesting CD.

conclusion :

As mentioned, the production is the weakest point of this CD, which is not to say that it sounds bad, but there is clearly room for improvement. In contrast, the music is quite varied and the texts thoughtful and focused on the problems of contemporary society.

Discussion: Claude ‘Clayreon’ Boss Chem


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