RAVEN: Mad E.P (5 songs, 20 min.) Rare 1986 Never re-released on CD. Check audio + video reviews + the story of the record


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Mad is an EP released by English heavy metal band Raven in 1986. The songs of this EP mark the return to a more aggressive and metallic sound. It has never been re-released on CD.

1. Speed of the Reflex 05:01
2. Do or Die 03:57
3. How Did Ya Get So Crazy 03:45
4. Seen It on TV 04:06
5. Gimme Just a Little 03:56

FUCK YEAH… Simply 1 of the best forgotten metal tunes…? I love every single note.
sooooooo underrated song …great!

John Gallagher Bass, Vocals
Mark Gallagher Guitars
Wacko! Drums

Yours is but to do or die! – 94%
Looking back over the fine catalogue this band has managed to release, a few elements seem to jump out as quite characteristic overall, and mainly those elements in their sound, or general attributes really, are a knack for presenting highly energetic rhythms, led by wailing leads, and fist raising lyrics (some of which are very humorously original), a thrashy-heavy-traditional rocking metal sound, and just presenting an overall image, and feel of youth, Metal, partying, fighting, sexuality, etc. . Now listed as such, it really isn’t conveyed in the same intensity as the songs themselves, but ahh I tried.

I really think this record is a classic release by a famed (and killer) band, and as such represents a good platform of their sound for say, an interested person, to check this out, and get an idea of what the awesomeness of Raven truly sounds like. The chorus’ are catchy as hell, the leads, and guitar runs are just all over the place, and done exceptionally well, the vocals seem genre epitomizing (high wails, powerful notes, great vocal arrangements, etc.), and an endless list of why this rules you.

I think further elaboration is in order, and I’ll begin with one word, “tight”. I mean everything is played perfectly, and in my opinion there isn’t a bad, or boring rhythm on here. The drums hold the beat through out, and have some cool fills,…not a whole lot to mention here, but if drums are done right you wont have any complaints (as I have none here). The guitar tone, rhythm, and lead melodies are very memorable, and carry that 80s feel in a way thats almost saddening to compare to bands of this genre today. Lots of riffs all over the place done in a verse, bridge, chorus type structure, but with lots of hooks, and randomness to satisfy your mental cravings for guitar virtuosity (the bass also done just as well). Oh, and again…the guitar sound, fucking awesome.

The production is top notch analogue all the way. I’d suffice to say that you couldn’t get much of a better production quality under any reasoning (and this was recorded in ’86). Not one complaint here.

Pick of the crop:
Do Or Die, and Seen It On The T.V.

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