KEVIN DuBROW: In for the Kill CD PROMO. Quiet Riot singer covers early 1970’s rock songs (Queen, Nazareth, T-Rex, Sweet, Montrose, Deep Purple, etc). Check all samples!


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Released 2004 (Mascot records PROMO)
Running length
12 tracks
Running time
Track List:
01. Burn On The Flame [Sweet cover]
02. Good Rocking Tonight [Montrose cover]
03. Black Sheep Of The Family [Quatermass then a Rainbow cover]
04. Speed King [Deep Purple cover]
05. Stay With Me [The Faces cover]
06. Red Light Mama, Red Hot [Humble Pie cover]
07. Gonna Have A Good Time [The EasyBeats cover]
08. Modern Times Rock And Roll [Queen cover]
09. Drivin’ Sister [Nazareth cover]
10. 20th Century Boy [T-Rex cover]
11. Razamanaz [Nazareth cover]
12. Rolling With My Baby [Silverhead cover]

Kevin DuBrow – lead and background vocals [Quiet Riot]
Kevin Curry – guitar [Leslie West, Schenker-Pattison Summit, Michael Schenker, George Lynch, etc.]
Gunter Nezhoda – bass [Leslie West, Schenker-Pattison Summit, Michael Schenker, George Lynch, Pat Travers etc.]
Jeff Martin – drums [Surgical Steel, Racer XBadlandsThe Michael Schenker GroupGeorge LynchLeatherwolf]
Michael Lardie – keyboards, guitar (10), harmonica and background vocals [multi-platinum and Grammy nominated musician (Great White and Night Ranger) and producer]
Chris Logan – background vocals
Pete Marrino – background vocals
Produced by Kevin DuBrow and Michael Lardie.

The sudden split of Quiet Riot in 2003 was surprising to say the least. The band had run its course apparently and Kevin DuBrow has struck out immediately with his first solo album, a covers affair of well known and obscure 70s hard rock tracks, all of which are British the exception being Montrose. While it would be better to hear some entirely new material from DuBrow, this fills the gap quite well, as most of the covers are of first rate classics; the early 70s glam rock scene a heavy influence on DuBrow as he has made known in the past. Joining DuBrow is ex Racer X singer/drummer Jeff Martin, and ex Great White member Michael Lardie who co produced the album with DuBrow. In the press release Dubrow wisely stated that most are ‘apprehensive’ about cover albums, but this is a rare exception, all the covers handled with vitality and DuBrows infectious enthusiasm.

The Songs
Sweets ‘Burn On The Flame’ is up first, the track originally a B side to ‘Fox On The Run’ in 1975. With such an identifiable vocal style Dubrow turns this into his own, very Quiet Riot like, with the band members sounding very much like Dubrows former band mates.

Montroses ‘Good Rocking Tonight’ is next, this time sticking closely to the original, with the freshness of the 1973 classic intact.

Quatermass’ ‘Black Sheep Of The Family’ is an unexpected selection, with shades of the progressive 70s evident in the organ use.

Topping any Deep Purple original is an unenviable task but DuBrow gives his all on speed King’, approaching the fearsome intensity of the Purple ‘In Rock’ classic.

The Faces stay With Me’ is given a perfunctory run through,

Humble Pies ‘Red Light Mama, Red Hot’, taken from Humble Pies 1970 debut, which updated sounds contemporary, the raunchy rocker taken from DuBrows favourite artist Steve Marriott.

DuBrow then tackles seminal sixties Aussie rockers The Easybeats ‘Gonna Have A Good Time’, which surpasses the Jimmy Barnes/INXS cover all those years back!

Elsewhere there’s covers of Mott The Hoopl’s ‘Drivin Sister’, T-Rex’s ’20th Century Boy’ and Nazareth’s ‘Razmanaz’
Fierce handling of Queens ‘Modern Times Rock and Roll’ from their 1973 debut, which demonstrates how heavy early Queen could be.
The final cut is of Silverheads ‘Rolling With My Baby’, from the Michael Des Barres fronted groups 1972 self titled debut. A nifty slice of piledriving boogie which is almost enough to warrant seeking out the original.

In Summary:
An above average set here, heads above the majority of bland covers albums which has become the norm. Even though In For The Kill is a solo album, the remaining musicians play so well that it feels like a band effort. In fact, relatively unknown guitarist Kevin Curry starts shredding on the opening track “Born On The Flame” and never lets up. DuBrow has put some thought & imagination into the track listing, with some familiar and not so tracks making the cut. DuBrow himself turns in a fine vocal effort, obviously enjoying the chance to sink his teeth into his favoured tunes. Always underrated, DuBrow deserves greater recognition as a first rate vocalist. Whats on offer is highly credible. Naturally this will appeal to fans of DuBrow and the musical period he has chosen, but if you decide to pick this up you won’t be disappointed.

“Red Light Mama, Red Hot” and “Drivin’ Sister” are both cool numbers that swagger from start to finish. I wasn’t sure if DuBrow could handle Nazareth’s “Razamanaz”, but he does a great job. In fact the original song has vocals that are very close to falling apart at the seams, and Kevin has captured that here.
Kevin impresses me most of The Faces’ “Stay With Me”. His vocals are gritty enough to pull off Rod Stewart’s delivery while the slide guitar and Michael Lardies (best known for his work with Great White) piano polishes off the song nicely. When Kevin DuBrow tackles a gritty song he nails it. All-in-all In For The Kill is a commendable tribute to some of rocks finest, so in that respect the album is a success.

5.0 out of 5 stars The Way Rock & Roll Was Meant To Be……………………
Kevin DuBrow returns to the Rock & Roll scene with a brand new solo CD entitled, “In For The Kill” available now on Shrapnel Records. What makes this effort such a unique and exciting release is the fact that Kevin has taken a collection of his favorite songs from the past and recorded them in such a way that makes them all sound fresh for today and gives the listener a chance to hear and appreciate Kevins’ singing abilities. The CD starts with “Burn on the Flame” a number you can’t help but sing along with after your first listen. The CD moves through all of the songs with a kicking/rocking straight ahead in your face type of a beat. There’s “Black Sheep of the Family” which really stretches Kevins’ musical talents. The highlight of the CD, “Red Light Mama, Red Hot” (Humble Pie) shows Kevin at his best on the CD both vocally and musically. Songs like “Drivin’ Sister” & “Modern Times Rock and Roll” while they may be unknown to many in their original form, here Kevin takes them and records them into his own version of good rock songs to hear today. The best thing I can say about this record is that it sounds like a brand new, interesting original release from Kevin DuBrow and not a bunch of old cover tunes that we have heard covered a million times over again. Any Quiet Riot fans and All Rock & Roll fans will not be disappointed with this CD. This is a great Rock and Roll record! It sounds great, was recorded and produced well (thanks to Kevin & Michael Lardie) and the artwork is cool! Its a good CD to put in your car, turn the volume up and cruise around!! Buy it today.

5.0 out of 5 stars Much Better Than I Anticipated !
I have followed Dubrows’ career since Metal Health (including QRs very unappreciated works from the ’90s). I have to admit that an all “covers” record isn’t something that I look forward to buying from my favorite bands. But, this was different. KD doesn’t just pick the standard hard rock hits from the seventies to cover here. These aren’t just a bunch of classic A.O.R. hits. And for once, someone figured out a way to do a covers record that rocks out and still stays true to the spirit of the originals. KD’s backing band on this CD sounds great. The guitar player lays down some heavy duty hard rock & blues style guitar all over this CD.

5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT F**IN’ CD!!
I’ve been a fan of Quiet Riot for years but this solo disc by Dubrow still knocked me on my a$$ when I heard how damn great it is! This CD rocks!! Great material and great performances makes this one hell of a blast that definitely deserves the highest of ratings!

QUIET RIOT: Condition Critical [Classic tape]. Contains Mama we are all crazy now. Check videos

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