IRON MAIDEN: MAIDEN MANIA 80 – 87 autographed SIGNED by 3. Greek BOX SET. Ultra MEGA RARE. Check videos of this very item. + Free The number of the beast signed autographed poster


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SIGNED / autographed by 3 musicians. [Clive Burr’s autograph too! R.I.P Clive Burr  drums, percussion (1979-1982)]

Free Iron Maiden The number of the beast signed autographed HUGE  poster. Frame it or hang it on your bedroom or living room wall!


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SIGNED / autographed by three. [Paul Di’Anno, Dennis Stratton + Clive Burr‘s autograph too! R.I.P Clive Burr: drums, percussion (1979-1982)]

Check the video of the actual product on sale  so that there is no doubt about how it looks and in what condition it is. And

check the video of Paul Di’Anno signing the box set.

IRON MAIDEN MAIDEN MANIA 80 – 87 Greek BOX SET MEGA RARE This is the ORIGINAL wonderful collectors item bought back in 1987!!

Titled Maiden Mania 80-87 this is a highly collectable extremely rare 12 inch Boxset. Hardly ever seen. Five GREEK vinyls.

  1. Women In Uniform/ Invasion/ Phantom Of The Opera (live)
    cat no. 052-1074196 (MT 13711)
  2. Maiden Japan EP – Running Free/ Remember Tomorrow/ Killers/ Innocent Exile (all live)
    cat no. 062-1075346 (MT 11103)
  3. Aces High/ King Of Twilight/ The Number Of The Beast (live)
    cat no. 052-2003856 (MT 13714)
  4. Run To The Hills/ Phantom Of The Opera/ Losfer Words Big ‘Orra (all live)
    cat no. 052-2009826 (MT 13734)
  5. Wasted Years/ Reach Out/ Sheriff Of Huddersfield
    cat no. 052-2014176 (MT 13715)


Women In Uniform 13:02

A Women In Uniform 3:11

B1 Invasion 2:39

B2 Phantom Of The Opera (Live) 7:12

Maiden Japan 16:38

A1 Running Free (Live) 2:48

A2 Remember Tomorrow (Live) 5:27

B1 Killers (Live) 4:39

B2 Innocent Exile (Live) 3:44

Aces High 14:17

A Aces High 4:31

B1 King Of Twilight 4:49 Written-By – Nektar

B2 The Number Of The Beast (Live) 4:57

Run To The Hills (Live) 15:42

A Run To The Hills (Live) 4:03

B1 Phantom Of The Opera (Live) 7:25

B2 Losfer Words Big ‘Orra (Live) 4:14

Wasted Years 11:57

A Wasted Years 5:06

B1 Reach Out 3:25 Written-By – Dave Colwell

B2 Sheriff Of Huddersfield 3:26

Notes: Greek compilation of 5 12″/Maxi-singles. Comes in a hard cardboard box. 

On visual inspection, the box that houses the records has some sign of wear (bottom left & right seams have small split, small not huge OK?), however, the vinyl records and vinyl covers don’t appear to have any problems whatsoever. In any case please check the videos and make up your mind! Decide if you are OK with both the condition and the price of the item. That’s exactly why the video was created, so that there are no arguments on the grading etc. What you see in this video is what you get (the old saying: bought as seen).