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Broken UFO is the fourth album by Australian rock band Icecream Hands. It was released in August 2002.

A single, “Rain Hail Shine”, was nominated for the ARIA Award for Best Independent Release at the ARIA Music Awards of 2002.

Icecream Hands were a power pop band formed in Melbourne, Victoria in 1992 as “Chuck Skatt and His Icecream Hands” with Charles “Chuck Skatt” Jenkins as lead singer-songwriter and rhythm guitarist, Arturo “Arch” Larizza on bass guitar, his brother Dom “Benedictine III” Larizza on lead guitar and Derek Smiley on drums. They shortened the name and after a year Douglas Robertson had replaced Arch on bass guitar.

Released: August 2002
Recorded: 2001-2002
Studio Yikesville, Melbourne
Genre: Rock
Length 52:49
Label: Rubber Records

Track listing:
(All songs by Charles Jenkins except where noted)

“Broken UFO” — 3:05
“Coming After You Again” — 4:42
“Beautiful Fields” — 3:15
“Head Down” (Marcus Goodwin) — 3:33
“Stay in the Same Room” — 3:35
“The Diplomat’s Daughter” — 4:00
“Why’d You Have to Leave Me This Way” — 3:27
“When the Show is Over” (Douglas Lee Robertson) — 4:05
“Because You’re Young” — 4:02
“Come Down Come Down” — 3:11
“Rain Hail Shine” — 3:44
“Waterproof” — 3:51
“Leaving All the Best” — 4:08
“Happy in the Sky” (Robertson) — 4:11

Marcus Goodwin — guitar
Charles Jenkins — guitar, vocals
Douglas Lee Robertson — bass, vocals
Derek G. Smiley — drums, vocals

Additional personnel:
Garrett Costigan — pedal steel
Ian Whitehurst — saxophones
Eugene Ball — trumpet
Stephanie Lindner — violin
Caerwen Martin — cello
Shane O’Mara — guitar
Rebecca Barnard — backing vocals
Matthew Vehl — Hammond organ

Chart (2002) Peak  position   Australian Albums (ARIA)  84

The follow up to their highly praised “Sweeter Than the Radio” album, “Broken UFO” includes the first two singles “Rain, Hail, Shine” and “Why’d You Have to Leave Me This Way?”

I bought this album on the strength of a review in the Sydney Morning Herald comparing three guitar pop bands. Icecream Hands comes out on top. This is an extract from the review which gives you more of an idea about the album than I could:
“These three Australian guitar pop bands couldn’t be more of a contrast. One is outstanding: boasting melodies that stay with you, lyrics that mean something, harmonies rich and giving and are sheer beauty in so many elements. The other two can’t compete on quality but will sell more in one suburb than the first band will manage nationally.
That band, Icecream Hands, have great songs falling out their back pockets. Beautiful Fields is a stately ballad peppered with trumpet, interrupted midway by a flying brass band and sliding off into the sunset with a gently meandering guitar. Diplomat’s Daughter is like a cross between Crowded House and the perfect ’70s pop band with super-sharp lyrics. Why’d You Have to Leave Me This Way? is a glorious slice of Hollies and You Am I, while Leaving All The Best is a dreamy jangle that harks back to Gene Clark.
Even when they’re flying a bit light on, as in Come Down Come Down, they more than rescue the song with clever packaging, such as backing vocals that Todd Rundgren would happily claim and soulful organ. When they’re at their peak, as in Rain Hail Shine, they provide what could be the loveliest song of the year with a melody so simple and yet perfectly engaged with the part of your brain your god set aside for pop.
Maybe it’s one or two songs too long, but Broken UFO has more going for it than just about any Australian release this year.”