Hollywood Hairspray PROMO CD (disc). Top Glam: Jetboy, Steevi Jaimz, Pretty Boy Floyd, etc. + Kim Wilde cover!


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Track Listings
1. Backseat Share – Pretty Boy Floyd
2. Feel It – Razamanaz
3. Burnin Down The Backroads – Jet Boy
4. Heroes For Sale – Nasty Idols
5. Lets Go – Big Bang Babies
6. Kids In America – Shameless
7. Broken Dreams – Kristy Krash Majors [Pretty Boy Floyd]
8. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof – Steevi Jaimz
9. Hellraiser – Cherry St
10. Pint Of Blues – Roxx
11. Woman In A Fast Car – Stampede Queen
12. American Hair – The Scream Clan
13. Mispent Youth – Vamp
14. Problem – Sick Six Crush
The first in the Hollywood Hairspary set. A very strong start packed with stars and hidden gems. Artist Jetboy, Steevi Jaimz, Pretty Boy Floyd and more. But the best part are the lesser know gems like Cherry Sts “Hellraiser”, Big Bang Babies “Let go”, and so many more! If your a fan of the 80s hair metal area then this is it! The album was originally released in 2002 on Hellbound Recordings as a 12 inch vinyl. Also includes a bonus track recorded back in 1999 and never released before on CD. 2005.


Pretty Boy Floyd – Backseat Shake:
Fukkin amazing song! m/ Amazing band!? PBF forever!

Big Bang Babies – Lets Go To The Rock n Roll Show:

Shameless Kids in America. Appears only on the album Hollywood Hairspray, Volume 1. Sleaze rock cover version of the song originally performed by Kim Wilde.

Steevi Jaimz – Cat On A Hot Tin Roof:

Woman In A Fast Car, by Stampede Queen. Great acoustic performance on the set of The Stepping Stone. This compilation has the Glam electric version (the one above)

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