HAREM SCAREM: The Early Years CD PROMO. 16 songs (2 bonus).!


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European version Frontiers Records FR CD 137
Promo CD is packed in simple paper cover with no artwork.
Release Date: December 9, 2002
Total Running Time: 71:29

HAREM SCAREM is a melodic rock band that was formed in the late 80s or early 90s. Their music is catchy, the production is superb, and the songwriting is great. The singer has a raspy sort of voice, but he can sing melodies to rival those of Freddie Mercury, Steve Perry, or Joe Elliott (Def Leppard). The guitarist is a good, skilful soloist (it sounds like he has been influenced by Steve Vai, Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme), and Ronnie Le Tekro (TNT)), and he plays tasty and often complex rhythms. The supporting band is good and solid.

Their music has changed over the years, always remaining melodic in nature. This early material is more 80s rock inspired, and as long as that’s okay with you, you will enjoy this collection. When you listen, you know you are hearing the work of 4 guys who know what they are doing… these crafstmen know how to put great songs together, whether its a great rocker, or a great ballad.

WHATEVER I WANT is a phenomenal 80s style rocker. I just can’t get enough of the awesome sounding drums in the track. The only problem is that its hard to sing along because the singer sings higher than I can, physically! END OF TIME is a fantastic ballad with much feeling and emotion. Its in my top ten songs of all time, and it will touch you to the core. Both are in this collection, and the price of the CD is worth those two tracks alone.

Only in a perfect world would HAREM SCAREM be as popular as they should be today! This is a great buy.

5.0 out of 5 stars A great album for fans
The highlight of the album is the original version of “Honestly”, one of the best AOR ballads ever. This album is essential if you have the Harem Scarem debut and Mood Swings.


The Early Years | Lyrics

End Of Time (Bonus track)
(Hess / Lesperance)
You’re the light shining on me
You’ve taken the darkness away
Now sun never leaves
And time marches on
To some other place
And left a hole in my heart
That’ll never be replaced
It seems like everything I do
Will be reminding me of you
‘Til the end of time
There was only you and me
You changed my life
Hold on to what we believe
That our love was meant to be
‘Til the end of time
Every moment alone
I find it hard to breathe
Now time is the thorn inside of me
That won’t ever leave
Now no matter what I do
Everything will remind me of you

Whatever I Want (Demo)
(Harem Scarem)
Its a complicated story
I’m not sure I understand
About a hole in my mirror where I used to stand
I spent years as a killer
Of my dreams and desires
All my words that had fallen
Now take everyone by surprise
Tired of being the only one who never takes
Whatever I want what ever I need
I’m gonna try to fill the hunger
When I crawl on my knees
I’ll never ride the wings of thunder
Don’t know where I got the notion
That I had a life
But now the wheels are in motion
And I’m never gonna think twice
Well I think I hear it calling
I better run I better hide
All for a sticky situation
I’ll need a miracle to get out alive

When The Morning Comes (Demo)
(Harem Scarem)
When I wake up in the morning
I can’t recall the night before
Did I say I love you when I didn’t even know your name cause I
Woke up laying flat on the floor
thought I was acting pretty stable
But I know that ain’t a fact
I got my cards out on the table
And theres no turning back
Until the morning comes
Its time to face the music
When the morning comes
Its time to face the music
Don’t know if theres a need to apologize
Or why I’ve got my back against the wall
And it looks like I’m losing all control
And it doesn’t really matter any more
Don’t know if I’m able
Am I on the chosen path
Or am I living in a fable
Is there no turning back

Say Good Bye (Demo)
(Harem Scarem)
I’ll walk along if it makes you feel alright
You’ve been trying to get to something that you’re holding down
Deep inside
You say you want a new start on your life
That you love me but you’ve gone a stray
So you hope that I’ll be alright
I don’t care why you’re leaving
It still hurts me all the same
Cause darling I still need you
To get me through the day
Say goodbye the the love
And the good times that we shared
Now the memories are all I have
And it makes me feel so sad
I never thought that I’d hear these words from you
But the one thing I keep saying girl
Is what am I supposed to do

Looking Back (Demo)
(Harem Scarem)
Well I remember all the nights you came to me
You said you wanted more from life
Wanted anything more then me
Would you believe I was happy at the time
Thoughts of you still wonder in my mind
Every time we said goodbye
It took another tear from my eye
Looking back I’m not the lucky one
Now your face is just a haunting memory
And I wander if as time goes on
If you ever think of me
All the time my heart was aching
You walked into the room
Just at the time I thought I’d give in
I found someone new

All Over Again (Demo)
Well, it was something that took me by surprise
Just when I tried to re-arrange my life
Well then I find out the things that I didn’t really want to know
(No, its not easy, you know it ain’t easy)
Trying to get ahead in the world
All of a sudden it came over me and now I finally know
Even the hard times are good times
But I’d do it all over again
Even when I can’t see what I’ve left behind me
I’d do it all over, do it all over again
Noticing now, theres some new things in my life
I try to turn them around, but its too late to change my mind
(No, its not easy, you know it ain’t easy)
Trying to get ahead in the world
All of sudden it came over me and now I finally know

Honestly (Demo lyric) (Demo)
I could never believe it
But I think you read my mind
The emptiness has finally arrived
I stand before you accused of many crimes
If you wanna know my reasons look inside
How was I to know right from wrong
Words were hardly spoken
So where did I go wrong
Tell me honestly
If you’re still living me
Looking into my eyes
Words have more meaning
If there said at certain times
The love is in I’ve finally arrived
I will be going I’ll be back for you some time
If everything will work out you’ll be mine
Will I be lost forever
Or some day I may find
A world that I’ve been searching for
Or just some piece of mind
All the nights I sit and wonder
There must be more to life I’m sure that
Day and years go by while I am
Waiting for this lonely feeling

Lovin’ Like 90 (Demo)
(Harem Scarem)
Well I’m through with my messing around on you
I’m telling the truth
You’ve heard my lies for a long long time
But I couldn’t keep fooling you
Some people see what they want me to be
And its time that I should let it show
So if you’re thinking you still want me
Well I’m just about ready to blow
I’m loving like ninety
I need another ten to give you all of my love
I’m loving like ninety
I need another ten to give you all of my love
So come on and give me chance
I will prove it might worth it to you
It seems a shame just to throw it away
All the years and shit that we’ve been through
Time faded memories
All clouding up behind my eyes
I wait
The days go by
Don’t hear from you
I nearly died

One Step At A Time (Demo)
(Harem Scarem)
I’m holding on to the best thing that I ever heard
Remembering those moments when I felt so sad
I would cry in the night time
All alone in desperate fear
It just a longing that I have
For you to be near
Just keep in mind
I can’t live without your love
If you would be so kind
To keep me around
Now I’m living my life just the way you want me
Not to be unkind
But I’m taking your love one step at a time

Staying Away (Demo)
Well I’ve been abused I’m alone
I’ve seen hell like you’ve never known
You know I’m living in fear
Of falling into love
Your thinking days its been years
Thats how long I’ve been crying these tears but no more
All the many nights I wanted
You to be with me
Now all I remember is that you said you’d never leave
I’ve opened my eyes I’m ready to see
Everything thats ahead of me
You know I’m staying away from this feeling you call love
I’m confused I don’t know where can I turn or where can I go
You know I’m trying to keep myself from losing you

Last Time (Demo)
(Harem Scarem)
If you could see me the way that I see you
I think you’d be in love with me
Well its something that I can’t explain
But I feel it when you’re close to me
No one has ever made me feel in this kind of way
Theres not a thing I’d change about you babe
Cause its the last time I’m begging you
So tell me what you want to do
It just feels like I love you
Well I guess I’m begging for you
Can’t tell me how to feel
Cause its not right you know
Baby tell me why its such a crime
If I know nothing
Tell me what there is to know
I can’t stop wasting all my time

One Of The Wounded (Demo)
(Harem Scarem)
I was lost in the heat of the moment
There I was in your eyes
Looking out at the love your wretched heart put out
Between the two uf us
I think that we could heve seen the world in a night
The passion here
Ran faster then I could get away to hide
No I’m down on my knees
I just want you to see
I’m all that you need
One of the wounded
Well tonight I will see
If this love could come so easily
I would wait through my life
To see if this would work out right
You know that some of the times we had were good
And the bad just fade out of sight
And all the memories inside me now
I will always have to fight

Right Time (Demo)
(Harem Scarem)
Baby you were the world to me
We lived our life in innocence
But now its only me
I tried to hard to tell you
All the feelings way inside
But a lesser heart has drove me to
A fear now in my mind
Is our love like the ones before
You’ll just stay and show me how
This ones forever more
Is it not the right time
To call you on the phone
I just want you here with me
And not to be alone
Is it not the right ime
To say I’m over you
I know that you’re there for me
And I’ll be there for you
Maybe the world is here for me
But baby I know I’m alone and it wasn’t ment to be

You’re The One (Demo)
(Harem Scarem)
Do you want to talk to me
Is there something on your mind
Would you like to stay with me
It wouldn’t hurt if we spent some time
Is this love
I can’t find the reason
Why you wanted to love me
Theres a space inside my heart
Where the both of us should be
You’re the one
I would wait for
The kind of girl I’ve been dreaming of
But I just can’t take this loneliness no more
Somethings coming over me
I could feel it all the time
One thing that still remains
Is that I want you all the time
When I look into your eyes
I can’t be sure if its you
Is it you

Out Of Love (Demo)
(Harem Scarem)
Everyday its the same old thing
I never thought it could get me down
I’m in search of the perfect world
And I’ll be searching until its found
I get the feeling I’ll be awhile
The roads to nowhere lead to mornings
where I don’t know where I’ll be
Out Of Love out of danger
So now anyway you want
I guess thats how it’ll be
Finding love is a stranger
So now anyway you want it
It just don’t matter to me
I would do almost anything
If I thought it would help me now
I just want to forget mistakes
But just wanting won’t show me how
All the nights that I hold so dear
Still living in those times
Wishing this were reality
No conscience by my side
I realize my life could have been much more
I’m thinking of closing my eyes
Never to see my world alive anymore

I Can Hear Them Now (Demo/Bonus track)
I was just a shy boy
From the other side of town
You were sent from up above
To make me turn around
Will I need a miracle to make me look my way?
Or take the loneliness of living one more day
I need you
I feel you calling through my heart
I wait for the line to break so I can hold you in my arms
But I can’t touch you
And break through to the other side
Don’t even know that I’m alive
Every night I say a prayer
For those of us who care
That its all been a bad dream
We’ve got years and years of time
(I can hear them now)
I was just a shy boy
(I can hear them now)
I can hear the angels crying
(I can hear them now)
As they tell the story with tears in their eyes
Don’t even know that I’m alive

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