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Rheingold is the eleventh studio album by German band Grave Digger, based on Richard Wagners The Ring of the Nibelung. The album was released in 2003.

All songs are composed and arranged by Boltendahl/Becker/Katzenburg/Schmidt; all lyrics by Boltendahl.
“The Ring” 1:48
“Rheingold” 4:02
“Valhalla” 3:48
“Giants” 4:37
“Maidens of War” 5:48
“Sword” 5:03
“Dragon” 4:07
“Liar” 2:46
“Murderer” 5:37
“Twilight of the Gods” 6:42

Chris Boltendahl – Vocals
Manni Schmidt – Guitars
Jens Becker – Bass
Stefan Arnold – Drums
H.P. Katzenburg – Keyboards

Grave Digger classic, “Rheingold”, one of the most bombastic of releases in their legendary catalogue and based on Wagners complex “The Ring of the Nibelungs” cycle. A gloriously heavy-handed (like all of the Grave Digger classics!) slab of molten 80s style Euro Metal, guaranteed to melt your mind and obscure your eyesight. Chock full of anthemic Power Metal that rises amongst the finest in the long Grave Digger career! Metal how it should be: Fat, Heavy and Epic!
5.0 out of 5 stars Epic metal,
I think the title of my review speaks for itself. This is one of the best CDs in my collection. Grave Digger definitely lifted my spirits.
5.0 out of 5 stars Grave Digger continue to make impressive beautiful noise!,
Its getting ridiculous how good of a metal band this is. I mean huge riff upon huge riff built upon big soccer-holler choruses. Fast/ slow dynamics, crazy-man vocals, clean vocals (just a few), Lord of the Ring-type mythos, and just plain insane heaviness. Now go get this freakin’ album! I didn’t think “The Grave Digger” could be topped, but it be. Oh what a glorious noise it be!
5.0 out of 5 stars Grave Digger shows no sign of ever slowing down!
Grave Digger is one of the greatest Power Metal bands to ever exist without a doubt. They have raw energy, power, crunching riggs, blazing solos, unique vocals, and wonderful lyrics. They’re original and a band that has become nothing, but more powerful over the years. Grave Digger has a rather wide variety of excellent and powerful releases and “Rheingold” is just continuing the tradition. This album featurs insane riffing, intense vocals, and everything you’ve come to expect from Grave Digger.
5.0 out of 5 stars Thank God,
For me personally, 2004 has not been a great year for metal new releases. Apart from some great moments on the “Glorious Burden” by Iced Earth & “3rd Wish” by Feinstein, nothing else I’ve bought has measured up.
Out of desperation, and the reason I say this is that I’ve seen GD cds in the past but I could not stand the name and wrote this group off as a Black Metal band, I reluctanly purchsed Rheingold. Well, to my utmost surprise, this is a great band that knows how to play true classic power heavy metal.
The guitarist is great (rhythm & lead), Drummer is very solid, bass is good and the singer takes a little getting used to but sounds quite good here.
This is hard driving metal and reminds me of some Iced Earth, Old Metalica, classic Judas Priest and of all bands, Accept.

Best crunching tracks here are Rheingold, Valhala, Giants & Twilight of the Gods.
This CD is highly recommended for those of you who require a refresher in Classic Metal.

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