FASTWAY Waiting for the Roar LP 1985 Check video. ex Motorhead guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke, Pete Way (UFO / Waysted)


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ex Motorhead guitarist  Fast  Eddie Clarke, Pete Way (UFO) & a batch of other guys on bass, Fastway also featured a young singer, David King. King went on to form Katmandu. King continues to make music today in the band Flogging Molly.

Fastway-Waiting for the Roar (Columbia) 1985

1. “”The World Waits For You”” (6:24)
2. “”Kill Me With Your Heart”” (4:49)
3. “”Tired Of Your Love”” (3:57)
4. “”Change”” (4:52)
5. “”Move Over”” (4:05)
6. “”Little By Little”” (5:47)
7. “”Rock On”” (3:21)
8. “”Waiting for the Roar”” (4:01)
9. “”Girl”” (4:04)
10. “”Back Door Man”” (3:17)

It amazing how much a band can change in just three albums. “”Waiting For the Roar,”” despite it heavy title, is no where near as heavy, as British,as the band debut. Where that album was pure British heavy metal, this album sounds more like keyboard AOR. Imagine that Fast Eddie Clark guitars are barely audible under the presence of the keyboards. Even Dave King Plant like howl seems to be harnessed. Several tracks seem like they were tailor made for hard rock radio in 1985. Just check out the sing-along chorus of “”Tired Of Your Love”” or the syrupy ballad “”Change””. “”Little By Little”” is probably the closest to their original sound as the guitars are more out front, the keys toned down and the vocals wail. “”Rock On”” also rocks a bit harder sounding a bit like some of the more radio friendly metal bands of the mid-80. Even though the heavy metal thunder is no longer present, the band still knows how to write a hook and hold a listeners interest. “

Additional musicians
  • Terry Manning – synthesizers, backing vocals
  • Carl Marsh – Fairlight programming and orchestration
  • London Studio Orchestra
  • Chris Thompson – additional backing vocals

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