ENDLESS: Vital 1 CD [Gothic Rock] Check samples

ENDLESS: Vital #1 CD Gothic Rock, Doom Metal. Check videos


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Gothic rock with x-tra weight Hey that’s pretty cool. If Tom Angelripper of Sodom would(god forbid!) try to play Gothic rock, it would have sounded something like Endless – lively, not too sad, but still pretty Gothic. If you need a comparison, I’d say Pyogenesis, although those guys were a lot more complex and serious, while here you’d be able to finds elements of punk (‘Sundown,’ ‘Vital #1’), grunge (‘Where Do Dreams’) and modern Gothic-rock a-la To/Die/For (‘Dune’). I wouldn’t expect the CD to be embrace by the Gothic crowd, but the open minded fans will be pleased. Very good and not too mind-boggling background music, which, importantly enough, remains pretty interesting at a closer look as well.

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1. Xea-Tuath-Eo 05:22
2. Sundown 04:23
3. Where Do Dreams Go When They Die? 04:31
4. Fragments 05:26
5. Dune 05:26
6. Vital#1 04:57
7. Our Friends 04:24
8. History 07:26
9. Pilgrim 04:48
10. In Your Palms 05:51
Total playing time 52:38

Check video:

Endless – The Spiral

Posted by Endless on Monday, 28 February 2011

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