CAVERNICOLAS: Rock Pasado CDR demo Promo. Motorhead, Judas Priest


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Influences : Motorhead – Judas Priest

Members :
Napoleon: Guitar and vocals
Dino: Bass and vocals
Demian: Battery


1. No Te Mueras Nunca 03:39
2. Soy un Animal 04:14
3. La Condena 03:27
4. La Dama Fisurada 03:45
Total playing time 15:05

Country of origin:Argentina Buenos Aires   Status:Active
CAVEMAN is a trio of Federal Capital, more precisely in the neighborhood of Pompeii, formed in early 2000 and product of the chance meeting of three friends with similar tastes and musical influences together decided to play without ever imagining the seriousness and dedication that would take the project in the future.
After several months of rehearsal they recorded their first demo of four songs and performed their first live ACATRAZ. Following this, a large number of shows on Capital and Greater Buenos Aires, including festivals
neighborhood for the benefit of those who are permanently engaged. With this type of event has managed to add different groups of followers to his proposal.
The band self-defined style PAST ROCK in the term and in terms of influences can name bands like Motorhead and Judas Priest.

Tracklist 1. Do not Die, Never, 03:39. 2. I am an Animal, 04:14. 3. The Condemnation, 03:27. 4.The Cracked Lady , 03:45.

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