Barbiana Complex: Year of the dog CD Promo EP, rare! 4 songs. Check audio. NJ-based Alternative / Noise / Psychedelic / art / improv ensemble. Free for CD orders of £30+


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Free for CD orders of £30+

Alternative / Noise / Psychedelic Hoboken, NJ   

  1. year of the dog
  2. angel dance
  3. she stole my star
  4. careless

    Free for CD orders of £30+

    Originally a duo featuring Barbara Solsky on vocals and guitar and Mike McCann on drums, Barbiana Complex released an EP, Year of the Dog, in 2000, which garnered critical acclaim in Europe. Eventually expanding to a five-piece band featuring Art Markenstein on keyboards, Damian DeBenedetto on bass, and Ross Snel on guitar, the Hoboken-based group recorded a single, Professor and Maryann/Suspended Animation, at iiwii Recording Studio in Weehawken. They have indie rock influences and have performed at various Big Apple venues.

    We recently caught up with Solsky.

    EM – Where are you from?

    BS – Barbiana Complex is a Hoboken-based band. All of the members are originally from Jersey except me. I’m from Troy, N.Y. near Albany.

    EM – Who are your influences?

    BS – Major influences include Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, the Breeders, and Nirvana.

    EM – Where have you performed?

    BS – We have played Uncle Joe’s in Jersey City, CBGBs, Sin-e’, Hard Rock Cafe, Continental, Meow Mix, and Brownies.

    EM – How would you describe your music?

    BS – Our music has been described as a cross between Patti Smith and Sonic Youth.

    EM – Are you looking for mainstream exposure?

    BS – We would like to record on a small indie label so we can reach a larger audience.

    EM – What is the best part about your job?

    BS – The best thing about our job is the sense of camaraderie we feel with each other and with the audience when we play.

    Pullout:  “Our music has been described as a cross between Patti Smith and Sonic Youth.” – Barbara Solsky                                           Free for CD orders of £30+

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