AWKWARD THOUGHT: Ruin a Good Time CD. I Scream Records. Punk, hardcore, thrash metal. A winner. Check video + Samples


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Awkward Thought Ruin A Good Time
Label: I Scream Records
Catalog#: 88.907.02
Format: CD
Country: Belgium
Released: 2002
Style: Hardcore, Punk, Thrash

Track list:
1 Return The Compliment
2 A Lack Of Understanding
3 Take Your Music And Shove It
4 Required Contributions
5 Lights Out
6 Reliable Source
7 Lead The Way
8 Easy Way Out
9 The Other Side
10 Tell Me
11 Please Be Gone
12 The Way It Is
13 Vice
14 Swept Under The Rug

  • Total Length: 36:55


Awkward Thought “Ruin A Good Time” CD.
CAUSTIC TRUTHS Magazine # 91 (Toronto – Canada) Summer 2003
For those punks who want to step up the intensity a notch, but don’t want to really tread into the jock end of hardcore (or know where to start in that scene), this is a record they should consider. Awkward Thought, out of NYC, play hard punk rock with a nice metallic street punk edge. The vocals are gritty, low, and spit forth the perfect tone for the tough music they are grumbling along side with. There is a ton of emotion and sincerity in the music, which will definitely rub off on the listener. If you are not banging your head, jumping around your room, or pumping your fist while this is playing, check your pulse. – Brad Mitchell

Awkward Thought “Ruin A Good Time” CD.
WWW.ASKEWREVIEWS.COM (Massachusetts – USA) Summer 2003
This is in the long tradition of very heavy East-coast hardcore bands like Negative Approach or SSD. Very raw, very angry with no pretense about melody or art. A band that summons up an images of a sea of sweaty young men with buzz cuts and white T-shirts moshing in a circle of Dantes Pergatory for all time. The old abrupt fast/slow time changes are there just like they were in 84, and the singer has mastered the gargling-with-glass-and-gravel affect of that time as well. Awkward Thought makes neo-hardcore bands like H2O and Sick of It All sound like a pop-punk by comparison. This record is about as subtle as a pornographic graffiti drawing in a public toilet. Not the sort of music that makes bands critical darlings, but there it is, still (and probably always) attracting a fiercely loyal following. I spent an inordinate amount of time listening to hardcore bands throughout the 80s, and kept track of the different regional scenes. Boston, DC, New York, even Rhode Island had great ones. There is a great legacy of hardcore bands from this part of America by which AT are clearly influenced but they employ a fatter dose of sheer negativity than most and lack any sugar coating whatsoever on Ruin a Good Time. If that is your brand of poison they will supply it in buckets The type of anger being marketed here is better articulated and more narrowly directed than say, the generic rage of the nu-metal top-sellers who simply throw tantrums for attention and seem to not understand why they cannot do whatever they want, whenever they want. ATs special hate comes with a stronger sense of tradition and community, which, when you come right down to it, is a large part of what the kids are looking for in the various sub-genres of punkIts often music for people born with all the odds against them. Guys who will always have to work twice as hard to have half as much. With a man in the Oval Office who makes Reagan look like a peace activist and the economy wrecked deeper than the Lucitania, who knows, maybe well see an angry hardcore revivalJust dont go metal this time, guys. – J.Trent

Awkward Thought “Ruin A Good Time” CD.
AMP – AMERICAN MUSIC PRESS Magazine (California – USA) Summer 2003
This long-running East Coast hardcore beast delivers the good with an album full of piss, vinegar, spit, sweat, and blood. A knife fight in the middle of a riot way back in the day when hardcore was so neatly categorized. A furious mishmash of punk, hardcore, thrash metal. A winner. (STM)

Awkward Thought “Ruin A Good Time” CD.
Somewhere between Oi Punk, Powercore, Thrash Metal, and Hardcore is where Awkward Thought stands its ground. Their 2003 opus, “Ruin A Good Time” [Thorp Records], is one solid, kick-in-the-face piece of musical aggression. Awkward Thought is anything but awkward…more like powerful and frenzied. Fierce, blistering rhythms form the skeleton of the sound. Dense guitars, paired with a raw vocal yell, finishes this pummeling display of artistic hostility. Awkward Thought makes all work well. Songs of worthy note includes the rabid “Reliable Source,” “Lights Out,” “Please Be Gone,” “Take Your Music And Shove It,” the relentless “The Way It Is,” and “Tell Me.” This is raw, heavy, and blistering Punk. In summary, Awkward Thought opens-it-up and lets it rip “Ruin A Good Time.” What more could anyone ask for?
-Bill Vogel III

Awkward Thought “Ruin A Good Time” CD.
Stalwart NYHC outfit Awkward Thought have returned with another release that shows why this band is still standing, and strong to boot. For starters, this quintet have decisively raised its middle finger to trends and have remained a crossover entity which metal kids, punk rockers, and hardcore fans can all understand and relate to. Secondly, this durable NYC group have enough lyrical firepower to outlast the NYC Marathon, and with its unique viewpoint on life in NY and in general, coupled with a no nonsense delivery, Awkward Thoughts latest 14-track collection becomes a mantra against the mainstream. And thats exactly what Awkward Thought wants to convey to everyone, a true punk rock attitude layered in hardcore choruses and old school values, something thats sorely lacking in todays sterile music scene. -Mike SOS

Awkward Thought “Ruin A Good Time” CD.
MAXIMUM ROCK AND ROLL (California – USA) January 2003
Hardcore that knows how to rock out, but not in a lame rawk way or however you want to say or spell it, they just plain move through their songs with the subtlety of a tank through a minefield; heavy, driving rhythm, hardcore punk with a rockin sense; a gruff voiced singer that has a pretty cool style of singing and clearly heard lyrics; some occasional whoa-ohs to sing along with and a punchy beat that you can shake a fist to, band a head in time with, circle in a pit to, or do all three simultaneously. You cant go wrong with reasons like that. Good stuff. (WM)

Awkward Thought “Ruin A Good Time” CD.
TOXIC FLYER FANZINE (Baltimore MD – USA) Issue #35
New York Hardcore that really captures the old school feel with just a punk meet hardcore feel that have an 80s style of just hard and fast punk licks. The Awkward Thought sound has the same power as AF, GBH, Kraut, and Blood for Blood. This CD features 14 songs that are truly street core at its best. Just excellent hardcore out of the home of Hardcore. (BW)

Awkward Thought “Ruin A Good Time” CD.
High-energy hardcore from the Lower East Side of NYCAwkward Thought mixes it with a good dose of straight-on guitar solo work. Lyrically its mean and nasty, just the way it should be. Its not super-polished, and its not pretty. Its just raw emotion, plain and simple. Take Your Music And Shove It is a tune that hits a happy note with me, as it tells off pseudo-intellectual know-it-all reviewers that dont get the point of this style of music. Reliable Source is probably one of the few, and I mean very few, hardcore love songs that exist. Its a refreshing concept. As an observation of our countrys supremacy, Lead The Way is a righteously dignified look at what we are as the mighty USofA. John Frankos gravely voice spits out his vehemence on this and a few more choice tracks. The musicians behind him are tight, heavy, and fastan interesting blend. -Christine Natanael

Awkward Thought “Ruin A Good Time” CD (Thorp records).
The fact that AT come from NYC is no surprise. It seems that playing Oi! is no longer popular except in the NY/NJ area and small parts of California. Awkward Thought are not simply Oi!, but I hear it much more over the hardcore, punk and an iota of metal. The best description would be Agnostic Front meets Negative Approach (if both were to add some big mosh breakdowns) with Choke of Slapshot on vocals. For real. Or maybe, if Electric Frankenstein met up with Exploited but picked up the pace to over 400 bpm. I was almost doing skinhead aerobics’ to “Take Your Music and Shove It”. All the song paces are menacing and at an almost blitzkrieg speed, yet catchy and highly rhythmic. Three chords my ass! Oh, and I loved that most of the songs were encyclopedic – lyrically (“Lead the Way”, “Easy Way Out”, etc). I mean you can’t go wrong with lengthy wordage – especially when there is a semblance of a brain behind it. “Swept Under the Rug” finishes off the 14 tracks with a slow metal intro quickly evolving into a mid-paced Boston-like hardcore epic.

Awkward Thought “Ruin A Good Time” CD.
When I first popped in this record, I was preparing to hear some of I Screams trademark kind of melodic hardcore. What I got was this kick ass punk/hardcore/metal mix that caught me by surprise, and totally rocked me at the same time. They have a punk/metal sound that reminds me of GBH/conflict meets sheer terror with animal from anti-nowhere league on vocals. This record is raw as fuck no frills hardcore that is straight to the point, no bones about it. The songs are thrashy and range from mid-tempo to fast paced, and they don’t dance around the subject matter. They get straight to the business while rocking the living shit out of you. If you’re a fan of raw NYHC or any punk/metal/hardcore stuff in the vein of GBH, Conlfict, Sheer Terror, The Business, and more, you’ll fucking love this record. Guaranteed.

Awkward Thought “Ruin A Good Time” CD.
AWKWARD THOUGHT Ruin A Good Time CD I Scream Records I think I’ve listened to this damn CD about 20 times and still its hard to find the right words to describe Awkward Thought. They’ve always been a bit of an “outsider” if you consider the trends and they don’t care. They do what they like to do and they do it fucking great. Damn this CD rocks hard, its a combination of old school hardcore with Oi, Punk and even a bit metal but foremost HARDCORE. I guess there will be people that don’t like what Awkward Thought does, but even they must admit that A.T. definitely has got their own unique style to which their singer John Franko with his very distinctive voice contributes a damn lot. It took me a while before I got used to his vocals. and if ya never heard A.T. before give ’em a chance and listen to this CD for about 10 times than you will appreciate it for sure! Check it out! Rating: 8.2 -Duncan

Awkward Thought “Ruin A Good Time” CD.
A bit more than a year ago, NYs Awkward Thought released their debut on the world and most opinions were mixed on it. Some loved it, some thought it was somehow boring and what not. Personally I liked it a lot and was looking forward to new stuff right away. Well, here it is and I can tell you one thing: this band improved amazingly in just one year. Wow! John Frankos lyrics are astonishing: extra long, pissed off and straight to the point. Also, his voice has more depth and tends to be more varied on this record. You can discover old and furious hardcore riffs on this one, as well as punk and oi!-influences. If youre just an open minded hardcore fan that likes his hardcore fast: this is for you. Also worth mentioning is the lay out of Ruin A Good Time, which is done by Sean Taggart who also did some AF-records and Cro-Mags logos. Interesting record for all those who cherish NYHC as much as I do. Rating 86. Favorite song: Required Contributions

Awkward Thought “Ruin A Good Time” CD.
How to Ruin a Good time? Not with this Awkward Thought record. Awkward Thought earned there stripes and respect in the Punk/Hardcore scene a long time ago, and the history of the band has been told a lot. The NY based band has made a big step forward with this album if you compare it to the Mayday release a few years ago, the song are more diverse from each other. I always liked the Weird kind of humour that is put in some of the music and the artwork, also this time the artwork is hilarious. They just did a big European tour, so I don’t know when they will be here, but if the come, be there and don’t miss it, if this record is just a tiny taste of what to expect, it while be total chaos. Reviewer: Wilco Versteeg

Awkward Thought “Ruin A Good Time” CD.
Well to say I don’t usually like hardcore I was quite impressed by this, its more like a kind of punk/oi/hardcore crossover that really works. Its like 100s of bands rolled into 1 a bit like Agnostic Front in places, excellent vocals which although they sound nothing like Crass have a kind of Steve Ignorant style rant in places. 14 tracks which should appeal to a wide audience. -Ian

Awkward Thought “Ruin A Good Time” CD. –
Ahhhhhh yes! Good old school Hardcore/Punk/Crossover stuff from NY with members from No Win Situation. 14 tracks and in the veins of Pro-Pain, M.O.D./S.O.D. and Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles with the driving mosh riffs and less humor. Speedy to mid-paced stuff that just has a forward aggressiveness to it that makes you just want to get up and release the energy. This is the bands follow-up to 2000s “Mayday” which was released here in the U.S. and European markets as well by Blackout and I Scream Records respectively. The guys have already been busy with shows overseas to the tune of Holidays In The Sun Festival and have returned back to the U.S. to do the American version of that tour on the East coast. Artwork for the European release was done by Sean Taggart and its the first thing hes done in over 10 years since his days of doodling for Carnivore, Agnostic Front and The Crumbsuckers. Besides the artwork keeping you busy, Awkward Thoughts music will do the same in the form of a pit. They have started another European tour and eventually will be wrecking a home near you soon.

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