APRIL WINE: Animal Grace LP 1984. Great A.O.R. Check audio + 2 official video clips “This Could Be the Right One”, “Sons Of The Pioneers”


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April Wine returned with a new studio album in 1984 titled ‘Animal Grace’. There had been tensions in the band, creative struggles and rifts between Goodwyn (who had moved with his family from Canada to the Bahamas) and his four cohorts. This would be the last album featuring the classic line-up of Myles Goodwyn, Brian Greenway, Gary Moffet, Steve Lang and Jerry Mercer. Sales were modest and reviews were mixed but ‘Animal Grace’ does contain some vintage April Wine tracks, notably, ‘Gimme That Thing Called Love’ and ‘Hard Rock Kid.’

Animal Grace is the eleventh studio album by Canadian rock band April Wine, released in 1984. The first single off the album, “This Could Be the Right One”, peaked at number 61 on the Billboard Hot 100. It continues to be played on radios across Canada. The band also released “Sons Of The Pioneers”. Both singles included music videos.

“This Could Be The Right One” – Animal Grace (1984)

April Wine sometimes veered onto the pop side of things, with this track maintaining the balance between their pop and rock releases. Nevertheless, it’s a tested Wine classic that’s been listened to countless times over the years.

Formed in Montreal, Quebec, this hard rock group became an immediate success, going on to make inroads in the American market after establishing itself as a platinum act in Canada. April Wine placed three Top 40 singles and five albums in the US charts.

Animal Grace is the eleventh studio album by Canadian rock band April Wine, released in 1984. At that time, it was said to be the final album the band would record, as its members all went in separate directions shortly thereafter. In 1992 however, April Wine reunited with a changed personnel line-up, and have continued to tour and record new material

All tracks written by Myles Goodwyn unless otherwise noted.
“This Could Be the Right One” 4:16
“Sons of the Pioneers” 5:35
“Without Your Love” 4:52
“Rock Tonite” 4:59

“Hard Rock Kid” (Tom Lang) 3:57
“Money Talks” 3:28
“Give Me that Thing Called Love” 5:03
“Too Hot to Handle” 5:04
“Last Time I’ll Ever Sing The Blues” 4:49

Myles Goodwyn vocals, guitars, keyboards
Brian Greenway vocals, guitars
Gary Moffet guitars, background vocals
Steve Lang bass, background vocals
Jerry Mercer drums, background vocals

Nova Scotia band April Wine made their own mark on history when appearing on the bill at the first Monsters Of Rock festival in 1980, but that’s not where their impact ends. Here was a band who mixed sophistication and passion in equal measure.  The Animal Grace LP album is worth several spins.

5.0 out of 5 stars As good as nature of the beast,
This is my favorite April Wine album. I think it holds its own with Nature of the Beast. There are more good songs on this one.
4.0 out of 5 stars excellent,
Its hard to believe, but 1984s Animal Grace is the eleventh studio album from Canadian rockers April Wine. Its also one of my favorite April Wine albums.

Animal Grace has an unmistakable 80s sound and production quality, but that may be why I like it so much. Its got great melodies, catchy hooks, and plenty of synth action (I know that’s frowned on these days, but I love it). The songs range from the emotional (“This Could Be the Right One”, “Without Your Love”) to upbeat party rockers (“Money Talks”) to the just plain odd (but still rockin’) “Sons of the Pioneers”. April Wines take on the Sharp Edges song “Hard Rock Kid” is another of Animal Graces highlights. Its just an all around great 80s rock album from a band that really shone during that decade.

Animal Grace does sound a bit dated now, but its still well worth checking out if you’re a fan of the mid 80s melodic rock sound. If you’re a fan of Triumph, Axe, Rail, Styx, and Foreigner, you’ll definitely want to hear this album.
4.0 out of 5 stars I enjoy this recording.,
First things first – this release is different from NATURE OF THE BEAST and HARDER…FASTER. It for some reason was a bit neglected by April Wine fans, but I happen to like this album a LOT – maybe my tastes are just a little different from the other fans of the Canadian rockers.

Myles Goodwyn is an exceptional guitarist and singer. He is the guy responsible for most of the song writing and other creative forces within the group – kind of like Rainbow with Ritchie Blackmore at the controls – ditto for David Coverdale being the lone staple in Whitesnake.

This LP begins with “This Could Be The Right One” – a nice rocker you can drive your car too. Cool chorus on this one. “Sons Of The Pioneers” follows – another cool melodic rocker that had an accompanying video. The other melodic rockers are “Without Your Love” and “Too Hot To Handle”.

“Hard Rock Kid” is up there with the first track as my favorites on the LP. Its not a fast song, but its very reminiscent of the chorus on Foreigners “Juke Box Hero”. Its one of the more memorable songs here that sounds like it’d be a great one live.

Theres no power ballads on this release, but April Wine has recorded some wonderful ones over the years (remember “Just Between You And Me” from NATURE OF THE BEAST?). “Last Time I’ll Ever Sing The Blues” is a slow song, but not a love song. ANIMAL GRACE is your basic rock album.
It is out-of-print and hard to find in the USA so grab it if you see it.
4.0 out of 5 stars Great Follow Up to Enough Is Enough,
Animal Grace doesn’t hold up as well as First Glance, Nature Of The Beast or even Enough Is Enough as far as I’m concerned, but still a solid rock album. I remember buying the LP and playing it through and thinking, aside from “This Could Be The Right One” , this didn’t have the normal reach out and grab you hard rock standout or even their standard Power Ballad for that matter which anyone whose familiar with April Wine has become accustomed to. All that aside its still a cut above the fray when you consider that Myles Goodwyn is still at the helm and the sound is classic April Wine with a bit more of a twist than their normal thoroughfare. People still like to call April Wine a Metal Band and I couldn’t disagree more, classic, melodic hard rock with a lot more depth than your typical hard Rock band is how I would attempt to classify them. When they were on top of their game they were great but never quite breaking through to the greatness they should of attained here in the states. April Wine will always be alive and well in my house, car or I-pod because the song writing was true to feelings, simple, honest and straight forward not forced or contrived and for that reason alone will keep them relevant for years to come.

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