A Fist Full of Freebird CD Killer Freebird Records compilation! Dozer, Demon Cleaner, Freedom Bleeder, Solace, etc. Check samples.


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Various Artists
Label: Freebird Records
Type: Compilation
Released: June 10, 1998

1 Freedom Bleeder – Freerider 3:48
2 Saturns Child – Looking for Jeff 4:35
3 Lebhead – Nervous Wreck #9 4:25
4 Demon Cleaner – Pathfinder 4:42
5 Landslide – Le Fried Ego 4:30
6 Mugwumps – I Dig You 2:56
7 Sparzanza – Black Jack Vegas 4:34
8 Solace – Whistle Pig 4:03
9 Dozer – Mammoth Mountain 5:30
10 Dogma – Roads of Grief 4:14
11 Pelvs – Trippy 3:09
12 Radiostars – Sweet Little 16 3:50
13 Smithwick Machine – 2000 Mercy 2:53
14 Lucid Nation – Landmark 3:34
15 Bongwater.666 – Eyehateyou 2:48
16 Garlic Pork Chops – Tar-Pit-Trap 4:39
17 Southern State Tapestry – Fader 4:08
18 Cigarettes – Say Goodbye 3:36

A pretty compilation from the Nederlands! This was a small label from Eindhovenm born “to give to the ambitious bands an extra opportunity to present themselves to a new audience…” so here you’ll find famous european stoner bands as Dozer, Demon Cleaner and Freedom Bleeder together with some less know taken from around the world. Great track from Solace “Whistle Pig”! Great Stoner compilation!

Freebird existed as a tape label during most of the 1990s. In 1998,  this mixed compilation album was released. It features the first appearances of some bands, that are household names in heavy groove rock by now: Freedom Bleeder , Dozer, Demon Cleaner, Solace, Mugwumps! This one is now sold out.

01. Freerider – FREEDOM BLEEDER (Sweden)
02. Looking For Jeff – SATURN’S CHILD (USA)
03. Nervous Wreck #9 – LEBHEAD (USA)
04. Pathfinder – DEMON CLEANER(Sweden)
05. Le fried Ego – LANDSLIDE (Netherlands)
06. I Dig You – MUGWUMPS (Sweden)
07. Whistle Pig – SOLACE (USA)
08. Black Jack Vegas – SPARZANZA (Sweden)
09. Mammoth Mountain – DOZER (Sweden)
10. Roads Of Grief – DOGMA (Netherlands)
11. Trippy – PELVS (Brazil)
12. Sweet Little 16 – RADIOSTARS (Italy)
13. 2000 Mercy – SMITHWICK MACHINE (USA)
14. Landmark – LUCID NATION (USA)
15. Eyeh8you – BONGWATER (Canada)
16. Tar-Pit-Trap – GARLIC PORK CHOPS
18. Say Goodbye – THE CIGARETTES (Brazil)

Catalog number: FRC 982

Released: June 10th 1998

What happened next with the bands on this compilation…
FREEDOM BLEEDER has released an EP on Molten Universe, after 2 more comp. tracks, including “Graven Images”.
LEBHEAD self-released a 4 song EP CD, and changed its name to GASOLINE ANGELS.
DEMON CLEANER released 2 albums and 3 split singles on Molten Universe.
MUGWUMPS recorded another 2 7″s, before a full length on CD was produced.
SPARZANZA followed the same route, with 2 7″s (one split, one picture disc) before releasing a full length on WaterDragon.
SOLACE was on the “Jersey Devils” double EP, later followed by 2 albums on MeteorCity.
DOZER is already at 5 (split) 7″s and 3 albums, most of them on Molten Universe.
RADIOSTARS’ released 2 more albums in Italy in 1999 and 2002.
SMITHWICK MACHINE ended up on a side-track, after another EP “Dixie Witch” and an album were released.
LUCID NATION released 2 more albums on Brain Floss.

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