YOUNG n FABULOUS: S.T [Promo album. Ultra glam, “party glam” / “sleaze glam”must have item] Check sample


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I get more pussy than Frank Sinatra:

incl. great Beastie Boys cover!!


I was downright floored when I listened to this! I was surprised at how much I really enjoyed it. I would categorize it more as “”party glam”” than “”sleaze glam”” (if one can draw that distinction).
It fun, catchy, and infectious. Imagine a blend of The B-52s meets Dr. Frankenfurter (The Rocky Horror Picture Show).
Many of the lyrics are outright hilarious (see I Get More Pussy Than Frank Sinatra), and the quasi-cover tune Black Madonna just has to be heard to be appreciated! The musicanship is first-rate, and the band is quite tight.
The performances and production are considerably more polished than the vast majority of glam I’ve heard over the years.

I like the overall attitude of the music. The band takes potshots at the mainstream, while never taking themselves too seriously. The music continually exudes “”fun””; I can only imagine what this band is like live. I think they’d be an absolute blast!
If you’re looking for some fun music, this is definitely the release for you.
As the title of track 3 states, The Party Starts Now!
(above review by Daniel Harding/Heavy

Hey , is there anyone who haven`t heard this Party-Glam-Monster yet?? all I can say this is the ultimate tape to own,highest recommendation, and highest ranking for this one,all songs are over the top, PARTY PARTY PARTY !!!!!!!!!!1
Keep the fuckin hair in shape!!!!!!!!!
1 Your 15 Minutes Are Over
2 Go Go Psycho Barbie Dolls
3 The Party Starts Now
4 Young & Fabulous!
5 Daddy Money
6 Black Madonna
7 Pick Me
8 I Get More Pussy Than Frank Sinatra
9 We’re Going Shopping
10 We’re Here, We’re Fabulous!, Get Used to It
11 Fight For Your Right (to Party)====> [Beastie Boys cover]
12 Hail to the Fabulous!

I get more pussy than Frank Sinatra:


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