VIRGINIA CREEPER: Hot Child in the City CD EP N.Y. “industrial glam”. Great cover version


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This one is to be played at maximum volume! The single “Hot Child In The City” is a stunning debut from Virginia Creeper. Rarely cover versions can match the original but in this case the N.Y. industrial glam band turned the Nick Gilder classic into a powerful glam smash without sounding dated. Who needs The Strokes? Notice the clever effects on the vocals on our single of the month. The second song, the self-penned “Crazy Boy” is a piece of pure glam-metal that grows after repetitive listening.

“Hot Child in the City” is a pop rock ode to runaways from the album City Nights. It was recorded by Nick Gilder and it went to number one both in Canada (October 14, 1978) and in the United States (October 28, 1978). He won 2 Juno Awards in Canada and a Peoples Choice Award in the US. According to The Billboard Book of Number 1 Hits it held the record for taking the longest amount of time to reach number one.

After seeing young girls on Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard, it inspired Gilder to write this song, he explained, There are young people around (downtown Los Angeles) and finding out about themselves. And so it was really a reflection, I think, of youthful angst and the passion that you feel when you are young, to find out what its all about in this world.

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