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Vandenberg   Alibi
Label: ATCO Records   790 295-1
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Germany
Released: 1985
Style: Hard Rock
A1 All The Way 3:47
A2 Pedal To Nothing 4:28
A3 Once In A Lifetime 3:39   Remix Jaap Eggermont, Stephen Benben, Remix [Assistant] Dan Nash
A4 Voodoo 3:20
A5 Dressed To Kill 3:21

B1 Fighting Against The World 4:41
B2 How Long 4:04
B3 Prelude Mortale 0:36
B4 Alibi 4:21
B5 Kamikaze 5:02

Bass, Backing Vocals Dick Kemper
Drums, Percussion Jos Zoomer
Engineer Jaap Eggermont, John Smit
Guitar, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals Adrian Vandenberg
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals Bert Heerink
Producer Jaap Eggermont
Written-By Adrian Vandenberg


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5.0 out of 5 stars top Eighties rock,
The strongest album of their catalogue performance wise. Everything is spot on with good melodies.

5.0 out of 5 stars Very solid record,
Great record from 1985. This is Vandenbergs third and final studio disc. The production is pretty clear and the instruments and vocals balance well. The songs retain a strong flavor similar to those on “Heading for a Storm”. Standout tracks are the uptempo tracks “Voodoo” and “Fighting Against the World”. “All The Way” and “Pedal to the Metal” kick off the disc in a rockin’ fashion.

Another highlight is “Prelude Mortale” which leads into “Alibi”. “Prelude” is a solo classical piece from Adrian and its terrific. Apparently, Adrian’s mom loves his classical guitar playing, so he always tried to put at least piece on Vandenbergs records. “Alibi” is a truly catchy tune with a hooky chorus.

Overall, I wish Adrian had never left for Whitesnake. As good as Whitesnake’s “1987” album was, Adrian only played one solo on one song. All three Vandenberg albums stand up well to this day, so search them out if you like great songs with stellar guitar parts.
5.0 out of 5 stars Adrian Vandenberg – guitarist extraordinaire,
Vandenbergs third and final release came out in 1985. This guy belongs in the same class as guitarists like Tony MacAlpine, Vinnie Moore and Micheal Schenker. Metal guitar with classical overtones – he is great.

One of my favorite ballads of all time is “How Long” from this release. Great bass accompaniment with the slow guitar sounds – it amazes me that this was never released as a single as I’m sure it would have been a huge hit.

The other ballad here is “Once In A Lifetime” that is also excellent. I’m sure Adrian Vandenberg probably got a higher paying gig with Whitesnake in the late 1980s, but I wish he had continued to write things like this – I really miss him.

This album is a good listen from start to finish. The all out rockers are “Dressed To Kill”, “Fighting Against The World”, and the incredible instrumental “Kamikaze”. Vandenberg’s fret work on “Kamikaze” make this a must-buy along with the ballads.

“Prelude Mortale” is a short instrumental of classical acoustic guitar. Put this one in the same league and Edward Van Halen’s “Spanish Fly” from VAN HALEN II.

The rest of this straight ahead hard rock. If you see this, grab it!!!
5.0 out of 5 stars Hard-hitting melodic rock with some impressive guitar work
Originally released in 1985, Alibi was the third (and final) album from Vandenberg, the band formed by Dutch guitar wizard Adrian Vandenberg before he helped make Whitesnake a platinum success. The early Vandenberg sound walked the line between melodic rock and heavy metal, and was clearly influenced by bands like The Scorpions and MSG.

Alibi is just a terrific example of the mid `80s hard rock sound. It straddled the line between hard-hitting heavy metal and radio-friendly melodic rock perfectly, delivering equal amounts of polish and punch. Its like half a Scorpions album and half King Kobra (or all Dokken). The songwriting, vocals and production are all solid, and naturally its Vandenburgs flashy and melodic guitar work that takes the album to a higher level. I’d consider “Fighting Against the World,” “Pedal to the Metal” and the title track to be the albums best moments, but Alibi as a whole is totally enjoyable.

Vandenberg, of course, left to join Whitesnake soon after this album was released, so Alibi ended up being the final Vandenberg album. Its probably not an essential album, but if you’re a fan of guitar-driven melodic rock, especially the early `80s variety, there’s a lot to love about the Vandenberg albums. The Best of collection is probably enough for casual fans, but if you like what you hear, come back around to Alibi.
5.0 out of 5 stars Airtight Alibi!,
third and final studio disc. We find that Vandenberg has turned into a well oiled machine. Adrians ability as a composer, songwriter, and guitarist; are matched by few if any in the music business. And the other members of the band are very adept in their particular roles. The production on this effort is first rate;I am shocked that more bands have not put Jaap Eggermont at the controls in the studio. I’m not saying hes Mutt Lange; but he is very good. The song list is a mixture of rockers, ballads, and instrumentals. Some my favorite tracks are All The Way, Voodoo, Dressed To Kill, Alibi, and even the instrumental Prelude Mortale. Adrian’s guitar work on that song is spectacular. If you like hard rock with a classical tinge to it, then this is for you.
5.0 out of 5 stars Stands the test of time,
Almost 30 years down the road this albums still sounds good. As much Rush as Motley Crue, there’s some serious music in Vandenberg, despite the glam trappings. Its a shame that Adrian Vandenberg succumbed to the lure of fame and money with Whitesnake.

So 1985 rolls around and the boys in Vandenberg release Alibi. Guitarist Adrian Vandenberg does everything. Adrian wrote all the tunes as well as did the album cover. The only thing he didn’t do was produce Alibi as that job went to Japp Engermont.

I will give Adrian credit as he shifted gears somewhat musically with Alibi. Gone was the sound of the first two albums. In its place was the mid 80’s hard rock sound. Dokken like perhaps in spots.

The album opens with a straight ahead rocker like tracks in All The Way and Pedal to the Metal. Adrian I will say when soloing in his own band with his own songs is a phenomenal player as he smokes the fret-board with a Schenker like style which has always appealed to me and not playing a zillion notes per millisecond like Malmsteem! Also what stands out are the backing vocals which sound huge which to my ears was a first on a Vandenberg album as well.

Most of the album follows that formula of straight ahead rock but a couple of the slower tracks that being Once In A Lifetime and How Long have more of that what Foreigner was selling back in the 1980’s.

Adrian though flexes his muscle yet again with a classical guitar piece called Prelude Mortal. In a real interesting move Alibi ends with the 5 minute instrumental titled Kamikaze.

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