Metal Hammer & Heavy Metal magazine No 148. 4/2000 Check exclusive video showing all pages! AC/DC, IN FLAMES, IRON MAIDEN, Paradise Lost, SINNER, VADER, WASP, Destruction


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Check exclusive video showing all pages!

AC/DC, DESPERADOS, IN FLAMES, IRON MAIDEN (new record report), LEFAY, LIMITED, ORANGE GOBLIN, Paradise Lost, SINNER, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, VADER, WASP, Destruction, Moonspell / Kreator / Witchery / Novembre, Misery Loves Co., Krisiun.


Stage Horror: Moonspell/Kreator/ Witchery / November … 10
Blood Fax: News bloody news… 3
Destruction: War is coming… 4
Old Man’s Child: Demonic revelation… 8
Vader: Litanies in darkness… 12
Misery Loves Co.: Visions of disorder… 14
Krisiun: Armageddon warriors… 15

Tired of waiting for new material from Metallica?
Correction. Tired of hoping Metallica would return to their pre-Load style? Less Than Human’s “Breed True” opens a new chapter in the modern, hardcore Heavy Metal. Whatever it is, it’s convincing enough and throws its quality credentials like neutron bombs. It is not just the very good production of John Cuniberti, nor the exemplary mastering done at the legendary Abbey Road Studios by master Nick Wobb, that is worth mentioning. It’s the quality of Less Than Human as a band that makes the difference.  Less Than Human should no longer be considered a hope for the future. The future is here. If Less Than Human  manage to maintain this pure straightness in their sound on stage. then soon the whole metal world will be talking about them. If, however, the circumstances bring it so that the recognition is delayed and so on, there is no cause for concern. A great release is never “lost”. Make sure to  give yourself this record as a gift! Be good to yourself.