KAMINARI: Kaminari CD 2002 Self-Released Heavy Hard Rock from Baden-Württemberg Germany.


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Heavy Hard Rock from Germany. On a brief linguistic note: Kaminari is the Japanese word for thunderstorm. At first glance, you would say, aah, thundering riffs. Sounds heavy. Cool. To me, it struck a different chord though, namely that our German meteomancers swept through 30 years of rock history and took along a bit of everything in their wake. “”Fire And Dice”” and “”Stairway To The Galaxy””, for instance, effectively combine seventies Rock melodies with classic Saxon style Heavy Metal. The one track that stands out – and is recorded in 2 versions on the disc – is “”My Black Colors””. Not only quality wise, but also because this song alone refers to a musical history beyond the 70/80s. With an opening riff, ripped from “”Alive”” and the nasal singing, is sounds like the late Alice In Chains vocalist force-fed intravenously on Whitesnake. A curious combination of styles, but it works!

EP, Independent   2002

line up:
Roland Seidel – vocals
Bern A Wick – l guitar
Timo Reichle – guitar
Markus Beck – bass
Pascal Vannier – drums

produced by Achim Kohler

1. Fire And Dice
2. My Black Colors
3. Stairway To The Galaxy
4. Babylon
5. Guardian Angel
6. My Black Colors (Radio Edit)
Total playing time 25:24″

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