Jaime KYLE: Back from Hollywood CD. 1996. Heart covered her song Stranded (contained here, in this CD). A la Heart, Pat Benatar, Robin Beck. Check video + audio


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CD JAIME KYLE – BACK FROM HOLLYWOOD! Excellent FEMALE A.O.R. CD, released on the NOW & THEN RECORDS label back in 1996!
CD and inserts are in mint condition.
Very hard to find nowadays, this one comes highly recommended!

Category: AOR
Year: 1996
Label: Now & Then Records
Catalog Number: NTHEN 28

Jaime Kyle vocals, guitar
Dale Oliver guitar
Kenny Greenburg guitar
Mark Williams guitar [Mammoth, Cher, Roger Daltrey etc.]
Paul Pearce guitar
Pat Buchanon guitar [Dan Baird]
Gary Burnette guitar [Mitch Malloy, Richard Marx, White Heart etc.]
Steve Brewster drums
Mike Demus drums
Craig Kramff drums
Jeffrey Perkins drums
Greg Marrow drums
Doug Sizemore keyboards
Nick Graham keyboards
Jimmy Lee Sloas bass [RPM]
Randy Threet bass
Giles Reaves bass
Mike Brigardello bass
Tammy Rogers viola
Tony Harrell piano, organ [Mitch Malloy]

1. The Best of My Heart
2. Everything But Love
3. Understanding
4. Bed of Roses
5. Love Comes Unwound
6. Stranded  —>> Heart covered this song
7. Silent Rain
8. Crossing Over
9. How Do I Stop the Tears
10. Is There Still Time
11. Back From Hollywood
12. Where Was I

I actually prefer this to the debut album. If you like something a little more tuneful than your average rock chick, Jaime is the way to go. The version of Stranded is far superior to the Heart version, but thats only to be expected seeing as Jaime wrote the song!

The opening song is killer. Great second CD by this a very good singer.
…if you are into Robin Becks efforts then you must check this girl out…my faves outta be “Everything But Love”(great AOR song), “Bed Of Roses”, “Stranded”(nice ballad), “Crossing Over” & “Is There Still Time”(nice AOR semi soft track)…pleasant album and worth having.


There is something sadly wrong when there is so? much garbage so popular right now and a wonderful talent like Jaime Kyle is a virtual unknown. Not only does she have a great voice, she is also a very talented songwriter. Sad, but that shouldn’t spoil the listening pleasure of those fortunate enough to have discovered this fantastic performer!!!!!!!!

For those who like Heart, Pat Benatar, Robin Beck and all those that sing / play pop / rock AOR, I recommend this very good album without any doubt. The best in making high quality Female Fronted AOR. Super choruses, excellent production & voice (Robin Beck but what I like most Jaime Kyle IMO) and great lyric subjects. “The Best of My Heart” is my favorite, “Understanding” is another and so there are several that deserve to be quoted 10 / 10

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic melodic rock from US singer/songwriter
Fantastic melodic rock from US singer/songwriter who is probably best known for writing ‘Stranded’ (recorded by Heart) which is one of the tracks on this album. All tracks are memorable & feature impeccable vocal & instrumental performance by Kyle & her fellow musicians, with particular credit to the guitar work. This will appeal (not surprisingly) to fans of Heart, Scandal & other 80’s melodic rockers, with touches of REM, Bryan Adams & country music audible at times. Songs such as ‘Bed of Roses’ & ‘Crossing Over’ in my view rank among the best recorded in this genre.

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