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Enchant Time Lost
Label: Inside Out Music IOMCD 012
Format: CD
Country: Germany
Released: 1997
Style: Prog Rock
SAMPLES: www.allmusic.com/album/time-lost-mw0000004570
Track list:
1 Blind Sided 6:24
2 New Moon 8:22
3 Under The Sun 7:29
4 Foundations 6:08
5 Interact 10:49
6 Standing Ground 5:29
7 Mettle Man 8:24

Bass Ed Platt + Bass [Additional] Brian Cline
Drums Paul Craddick
Keyboards Mike “Benignus” Geimer
Vocals Ted Leonard
Recorded @ Studio “E”, Martinez, CA, The Ottotorium, Concord, CA & Soundtek Studios, Campbell, CA
Mastered @ The Rocket Lab

5.0 out of 5 stars Enchant is simply the best band out there…..,
This was the last CD required to complete my Enchant collection and I can’t wait for them to release another. Having discovered this band only a few short months ago, I found that once you start listening to their CDs you can’t seem to stop! This release is no different. If you are a fan of progressive rock (or any rock for that matter), you owe it to yourself to give this band a try. The vocals, instruments and music writing are unmatched by any rock band today as far as I’m concerned. Just give ’em a listen. The more you hear, the more you like! ******
5.0 out of 5 stars Make no mistake, this an essential Enchant disc.,
Usually when a band releases a bundle of unreleased songs, people think, “Well, if it wasn’t good enough for any of the albums, its not good enough for ME!” Now, in some cases that attitude is appropriate. A lot of “reject songs” are junky, but Enchant defies convention with Time Lost. Make no mistake. The seven songs here are as good as anything they’ve ever done.
Time Lost consists of four songs from the Wounded sessions, and three songs from before the bands debut, A Blueprint of the World. All songs are excellent, and its too bad they couldn’t make it onto a “real” album. But hey, I’ll take it anyway I can get it.

The songs from Wounded are excellent, especially “New Moon” and “Blindsided,” which, more than anything, demonstrate Ted Leonard’s outstanding singing and lyrics (although the entire band is blessed with excellent poetic sense). They also forcefully exhibit the bands great qualities: emotional songs, dynamic writing, inspiring instrumental chops. Wounded is a very complete album as is, so its understandable why these songs were left in the closet. Yet, its very nice to have them. I can’t get enough Enchant.

The pre-debut songs are simply outstanding, which is remarkable considering the band was pretty fresh. Of course, the songs on this disc have been juiced up with Leonard’s outstanding vocals and other touches, but you can still make out the qualities of a spanking new band, full of ambition and energy. You can see they were yet to realize their potential, but they were in touch with their raw talent. The lyrics and music weren’t completely refined at this point (they definitely needed a metronome for the middle section of “Standing Ground”), but the bands artistic persona was certainly in place. As for the style of the songs themselves, they would have been nicely slotted into the debut.

“Interact,” the bands longest tune, reaches 11-minutes and never goes off track. The hooks are immense without sacrificing the power of Otts guitars and Craddicks hyper-drumming. The same holds true for the other two tracks. “Standing Ground” is like the bands anthem, the lyrics a dissertation on the bands artistic philosophy. (Basically, “Make music for the sake of art.”) The melodies are slight but very inspiring, working well with the lyrics. The aforementioned explosive jam in the middle is untamed musical action, and thats its appeal. Finally, “Mettle Man” is a quasi-instrumental. Suffice to say, it takes a darn good band to keep ones interest for 8-minutes with no lyrics! Enchant, of course, pulls it off, because they are brilliant musicians and songwriters. There’s a brief vocal section at the end, with Leonard breathing a sense of life into the “robot” theme of the song. Its so good it scares me.

Time Lost is the low-profile dark horse of Enchants catalogue, but it is essential for every fan of this band.
5.0 out of 5 stars One of the top bands of the moment: A+ Music and lyrics, .
I have listened most of the albums recorded by Magna Carta. Liquid Tension, Cairo (very good), Royal Hunt. When I play the first Enchant album (Wounded), I knew that maybe this band is one of the most solid progresive band I ever heard. All their works, including this one is simply fantastic.
5.0 out of 5 stars Remarkable,
_Time Lost_ is an album consisting of four unreleased _Wounded_-era tracks and three songs from the bands days before _A Blueprint of the World_ debut. The first four songs (all from the _Wounded_ sessions) are, in plain terms, nothing short of amazing. They’re easily on par with the best material that album had to offer, and walk all over such songs as “Below Zero”, “Hostile World”, “Armour”, and “Missing”, in my opinion. How these four tracks were justified in being left off the album, I’ll never know. Seriously, _Wounded_ might have been one of the best albums ever recorded had some of its weaker tracks not been given precedence over these gems. The last three songs (all from the bands early days) are less outstanding in comparison, but are still quite valuable in there own right. “Interact”, at nearly 11 minutes, if a little stretched out, is still the longest song the band has ever recorded, with a unobtrusively melodic sound that I think would have fit in very nicely on _Blueprint_. “Standing Ground” is another very nice track, shorter than the bands norm at just five and a half minutes, and written (with more of the brilliant lyrics I’ve come to expect from the band) about the temptation of selling out in the music business (or life in general?). The finale, “Mettle Man” is essentially an eight minute instrumental (I say “essentially” because theres one short verse recited at the very end). Its quite the progressive piece, which ends up being surprisingly catchy considering its length and complexity. If you’ve been following along you’ll note that I’ve praised every one of the seven songs on this album. Truth be told, front to back, this grab-bag release is a definite winner that should not only delight any fan of Enchant, but all other fans of prog rock, as well.
5.0 out of 5 stars ENCHANT : “Time Lost”,
This is excellent. This is also criminally underrated. In fact, this is one of their most impressive releases in my opinion. The more I listen to it, the more it impresses me….

If you are an Enchant fan, this is without question a must purchase. Its not unlike “Juggling 9” and “Break”, very similar feel, and emotion being displayed here. Those two releases are the best of Enchant as far as I’m concerned, so as expected, “Time Lost” holds a strong #3 ranking in my Enchant catalogue….

5.0 out of 5 stars One of the top bands of the moment: A+ Music and lyrics,
When I play the first Enchant album (Wounded), I knew that maybe this band is one of the most solid progressive bands I ever heard. All their works, including this one is simply fantastic.
5.0 out of 5 stars Enchant – Outakes Album That Is Better Than Much Of Their Officially Released Stuff,
“Time Lost” is an album that consists of tracks left over from the “Wounded” sessions along with several older tracks that were never released from earlier in the bands career. It is interesting that even though these are “extra” tracks, I think that some of the material is stronger than what they have released on their previous “official” albums. In fact the tracks left over from “Wounded” are better than some of the tracks that made the album. They branch out a bit here with “Interact” clocking in at over 10 minutes. Instrumentally it is one of the bands strongest efforts. The album closer, “Mettle Man” rocks and features some intricate guitar, drum, and keyboard interplay that really suits this band well. Maybe some of their officially released stuff is a bit too polished. This collection seems a bit rawer and for me it works to the bands advantage. Even though this is a collection of outtakes, I think this is the best album the band had done up to this point. If you like Enchant, don’t pass this one up. Like Porcupine Trees “Recordings” album, sometimes the songs that bands pass on end up being some of their strongest stuff.
5.0 out of 5 stars Id just like to second the motion…,
Enchant is a band that is intensely talented, as musicians and as songwriters. They have their own style which at first listen sounds like an amalgam of a number of other bands, but after a few listens it becomes something completely their own….watch out, because once you get into their CDs you don’t get out. They’re completely addicting.

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