DEFYANCE: Amaranthine CD Self-released / independent masterpiece, obscure Progressive Metal Iowa band. Check samples, video.


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Very underrated band, their debut has a strong Crimson Glory flavor while Brian Harrington has an amazing voice. Defyance’s first full length album. The musicianship is definitely there and there are good riffs and songs. The Lyrics mainly consist of Christianity and love songs. However, the lyrics aren’t preachy. The recording quality is OK.

Without Your Love – This is a great start up song kind of mid-paced. This is probably my favorite song on the album.

Wings of Angels – This is a heavier slower song. Its a good song

Coming Home – This is an excellent power ballad. Definitely has and 80’s middle influence.

Seize The Day – Easily the fastest song on the album. I’m surprised the singer didn’t destroy his voice singing this one. There is a lot of energy and you’ll definitely want to blast this.

Invention #4 In D Minor – A Quick instrumental Acoustic, not bad.

Freedom Forever – I love this song. The verses are played with the bass and drums as the singer sings in a normal pitched voice. When the pre-chorus comes everything kicks in and the singer sings full force.

Your Love Lies – Great metal song.

Voices Within – This is simply a phenomenal song.

Where Are You Now – Slow catchy love song.

Running Free – Killer song, you can definitely see the 80s metal influence here. This is the best on the album for me. The singer has the same rawness as Sebastian Bach, have loved this band for years and the singer is one of the best out there, back in the day anyway.

Overall, this is a really good album.

1. Without Your Love 04:54
2. Wings of Angels 07:08
3. Coming Home 06:03
4. Seize the Day 05:00
5. Invention #4 in D Minor 01:02
6. Freedom Forever 05:11
7. Your Love Lies 04:47
8. Voices Within 08:43
9. Where Are You Now 03:12
10. Running Free 05:18
Total playing time: 51:18

Brian Harrington – vocals
Brent Scott – guitars
Marcus Peterson – guitars
J.J. Wagner – bass
Doug Beary – drums

Jon Parrish – bass on 6, 8 & 10
Rod Stanton – bass on 7 & 9
Matt Bell – piano on 9

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