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B1S2 features over 140 minutes of hard music including guests & former members of DIO, Rob Halford, Accept, Annihilator, Solitude Acturnus, Peter Criss, The Great Kat, Talas, Wargasm, Sass Jordan, Wood, Tom Cochran, The Four Horsemen, Bangalore Choir, Heathen, Kim Mitchell, Final Warning, Mortification, Joe Perry Project, B-52s, Salty Dog, Dangerous Toys & Killing Kulture. For complete line-up see below.

URANUS (Greece)
HYDRA (Japan)

Track List

MYSTIC FORCE “”Identical Strangers””
GOOSEFLESH “”Controller””

AMERICAN DOG “”Last of a Dying Breed””
PROTOTYPE “”Trinity””
MACHINERY “”Bite the Hand That Feed””
PROFANE “”One Thin Dime””
MAYADOME “”Scent of Lilac”” Album: Near Life Experience(1999) Mayadome is a Swedish Progressive Metal band.
LAST CHAPTER “”The Belated””

MIKE CHLASCIAK “”13 Minutes After Death””
DAVID LA DUKE “” Give It All To Rock & Roll””
HYDRA “”Proceeding The Heretic””

X FACTOR X “”Amducias / The Scream””
CATCH 22 “”Empty””

DORIAN GRAY “”Like a Dog””


BRUTAL ORGASIMO “”Vingamca Obscura””

BLOOD RED FLOWER “”Open Invitation””

BATES MOTEL “” Killing Me””

URANUS “”The Untamed Legend””
EIGHTBALL CHOLES “”In My Blackest Hour””

BLASDEAD “”Nightmare””

MADD HUNTER “”On the Road & in the Wind””

PSYCHOTIC WALTZ “”Northen Lights””

BRALALALALA “” Clown Rights””
ERASE “”Alone””
SACRED CHILD “”Black Widow””
PETE WADESON “”Schizo Phreniac””
SLUDGE “”The Walls””
FIARRO “”Redemption””
POWERFREAK “”Mind Riot””
INBREED “”Sweet Scary Dreans””
COUNT VIGLIONE “” I Want you Sexually”


V/A “”Ball One Strike Two”” (Sinbad Recordings /

There are some compilations that surely have something more than others. and this double CD-compilation titled “”Ball One Strike Two”” is one of them. The reason is not only for the quantity of the bands involved here (35 bands!!!) but also for their quality. Mostly based on Heavy Metal and Hard Rock with some exceptions taken from the Thrash, Death and also Black scene, “”Ball One Strike Two”” succeeds in including some unknown bands, almost for me, but hiding great icons of the Metal scene. So you can find current & former members from bands like Dio, Rob Halford, Accept, Annihilator, Mortification, Salty Dog just to name a few ones. But I think that it is better to consider the names involved in this compilation than to look at the past of their members so let open the gates and welcome to this hell. To start the dances there are Mystic Force with their Heavy Power Metal, while the first surprise comes with the impressive Pantera sound of the USA based PROFANE. The dance continues with a great band like MAYADOME from Sweden and their Progressive Metal a la King X – Queensryche, maybe one of the best bands of the whole compilation. A delusion comes by Mike Chlasciak involved in The Great Kat line up. too bungling for my tastes. Another great episode is the Street Rock (do you remember Faster Pussycat or the first L.A. Guns?) performed by DAVID LA DUKE, the brain behind all this. With HYDRA from Japan we come back to the Power Metal that is maybe the most represented kind of music in this compilation. If you are very close to the Heavy Metal world I advice you to listen to the song performed by X FACTOR X, pure Progressive Metal at its best. DORIAN GREY has learnt the Helloween lessons while the Italian VORTICE CREMISI do not offer one of their best performances. If you wanna a guitar lesson, I think that RUSTY COOLEY will be your favorite track while the first CD is closed by the terrible BRUTAL ORGASMO and their Brutal Death Grind maybe too far from the music of this release. The Progressive and melodic BLOOD RED FLOWER open the second disc that after a couple of not amazing songs offers the symphonic Black of the Greek URANUS I think totally foreign to this compilation. Great is indeed the Metal riding of the Japanese BLASDEAD. Judas Priest ghosts emerge when the track performed by MADD HUNTER starts, but here we are at a focal point of the compilation that is the PSYCHOTIC WALTZ performance, which, with their Doomish Metal, offer an impressive demonstration of power and technical ability. After this we have to wait just ten minutes to listen to a name that goes back a few years… they are SACRED CHILD one of the best 80 bands in my opinion. The compilation is closed by other two great songs like the one performed by SLUDGE! and their strange Death Rock a la Entombed and THE COUNT featuring Joe Petruzzelli, formerly of the Joe Perry Project. I close it all just writing that it is a mandatory listening to have a clear idea of what the Heavy Metal / Hard Rock scene of our days offers. Voto: 80/100 -Francesco Palumbo / Vampiria Magazine- Italy Feb 2002

V/A – Ball One Strike Two
Sinbad Prod, BallBuster Music- 2000-

“” has been one of the leading websites for hard music in general for some time now and this is the second compilation album they have put together. Even though I am not a big fan of baseball I must say that I really like these two discs. Over two hours of hard music and plenty of it very good is not very common. I have hardly heard of any of these bands before but still several of them are very interesting new names like the Swedish metalcore band Gooseflesh and the American Mystic-Force who has a great vocalist. There is also a very wide range of musical styles on these two cd – from the 80 thrash metal of Machinery to the playful hardrock of American Dog and the brutal deathsters Brutal Orgasmo from Portugal. The first disc also features the very nice doom metal band Last Chapter that I think a lot of Solitude Aeternus fans should know of. Unfortunately some tracks suffer from bad production which isn’t exactly unusual as it comes to American made music today. The worst example of this is the Mike Chlasciak track which sounds really awful. All in all the music of both these discs is very American with more heaviness than melody (there are of course some exceptions) but it is still one of the best compilation albums I’ve heard in a long while. You will without a doubt find several new interesting bands while listening through these close to 150 minutes of music. Whatever you do don’t go anywhere without checking out Sacred Child because that man has got the perfect voice for hard rock.”” (7/10) -Vincent Eldefors, editor
Tartarean Desire webzine
January 2002
BALL ONE STRIKE TWO – compilation double-CD (Sinbad Recordings) 2001

Sinbad Recordings, sponsored in part by the BallBuster Magazine, presenting “”Ball One Strike Two””, a compilation featuring 35 artists and over 140 minutes of Metal on two discs. David La Duke, knowed as composer, writer and editor, is the man behind Sinbad Recordings and BallBuster Magazine.
The second edition of this compilation contain a diversity of music styles, the majority of these bands are into Hard Rock, Progressive and Heavy Metal. There are just a few interesting bands to note here, like Gooseflesh, a swedish Thrash Metal band, the portuguese Death Metal band Brutal Orgasmo, Uranus, a Greek Blak Metal band, very similar with Varathron, and Erase, Death Metal band featuring Jason Campbell ( ex-Mortification). Included is bio and photos of all bands. Well, it indicate just to curious guys.
“”B1S2″” features guests & former members of Dio, Rob Halford, Accept, Annihlator, Cro-Mags, Solitude Acturnus, The Great Kat, Wargasm, The Four Horsemen, Mortification, etc. Cover art was designed by well knowed Joe Petagno. Sinbad Recordings in working on “”Ball One Stike Three””.
Ball One Strike Two
(Various Artists)Sinbad Discs

35 songs can be found on this compilation CD. That is over 140 minutes of music for a nice price. If you are a faithful Hammerhead reader, then you’ll know the main man behind Sinbad Productions is David LaDuke. You have seen reviews of his solo works and also releases from artists he been helping out over the years. A lot of time in the making and now Strike Two is released. We have pushed it in the news page at the site plenty of times. I fully stand behind the way they support the metal and rock underground. On this Comp we see Dave rounding up even more known bands and mixing it with lesser knowns. Mystic Force and Gooseflesh are bands we have covered. Last Chapter hits as does the latest Halford shredder Metal Mike Chlasciak and Catch 22. They round up Blasdead & Hydra from Japan, Brutal Orgasm from Portgal, Dorian Grey from Germany and a handful of bands from Canada. It was also cool to hear a band Prototype that we are on a Top 100 list with. You get punk to death metal to Goth and good old power metal. So if you like your metal more home grown and want to discover some new sounds, then again you’ll also find out that some of these bands have members that came from cool bands like Dio, Accept, Heathen, Talas and many more…then look to BallBuster to serve your metal needs.
Hammerhead, Spr/Sum 2001, USA
Various Artists – Ball One Strike Two 2xCD This double CD set is literally

crammed full of bands hellbent on recapturing the 80s glory days of hard rock and hair metal. 35 bands doing 35 songs that run the gambit of hard rock and metal. In spite of the fact many of these bands are obviously pining away in dreams of days past more still are high quality and high impact enough to make a drive for the future. With the slow return of headbanging to the masses the timing for a CD of this magnitude is excellent. Especially considering the diversity of styles here… you get everything from falsetto wimp metal to down and dirty growl metal. It is also worth noting that many of these bands contain former members of acts you and your Motley Crue wristband remember from the good ole’ days. ( -Brad – The Crass Menagerie #95
“”Ball One Strike 2″” various artists, Sinbad Recordings –

This is only the second edition in this series from Sinbad Discs but it seems like there should have been more. Perhaps it is because there is just so much music crammed into the two discs, thirty-seven tracks in all. The most appealing thing about these “”Ball One”” discs is that there is such a range of heavy music from both the known and unknown and then from every degree of notability in between. Of the 140 minutes on these two discs you will hear contributions from former/current members of DIO, HALFORD, Accept, Annihilator, Talas, The Four Horsemen, B 52″”s, Dangerous Toys and a nearly endless list of others. Though the list of “”stars”” runs similar to a great deal of these “”tribute”” records currently available these are all original compositions. There are thirty-five tacks here with so much top quality stuff it is hard to pick a few to describe in further detail but I shall try. The first supremely notable track is the one provided by “”Metal”” Mike Chlasciak, currently one of two brilliant guitarists in the band HALFORD. The track is called “”13 Minutes After Death”” and it is a complete mind-grinder of guitar that actually makes the listener feel as though they are traveling to the time suggested by the title. The second track eminently worthy of special note is “”Last of a Dying Breed”” by AMERICN DOG. Apt sentiment for a collective of musicians that found their greatest fame better than a decade ago is poured into a solid American Rock and Roll mold and roughed up with sandpaper vocals to produce a classic track. There is so much more here but at the budget price I will leave you to dig for your own gold. Oh yes, if you be a connoisseur of album artwork this cover features an original painting by MOTORHEAD artist Joe Petagno. For more info or to order, -Rock and a Hard Place, May 2001-
Ball One Strike Two Doubleplay – A Hard Salute (Sinbad Recordings) Various Artists

This CD is like the BallBuster Magazine brought to us by David LaDuke – it is overflowing, with over 140 minutes of hard music. The CD features former members of Dio, Accept, Talas, the Four Horsemen, Mortification and more. There is a mix of different sounds of heaviness – everything from death to progressive metal. It all covered here! There is a lot of ground to cover on this disk, but the ones that really stand out are `Trinity”” by Prototype – it has the feel of Fates Warning, with a cool mix of acoustic and electric guitar, good vocals; I especially like “”Ego”” from Hard Boiled -this tune is goth / death / techno and industrial all rolled into one. Hard Boiled sounds like The Cure, Type O Negative and Morbid Angel thrown in a bowl and stirred together to make a very eccentric sound. I´m diggin´ this tune! If you want a variety of metal – pick up Ball One Strike Two. -Laura Spalding / Louisville Music News April 2001
Ball One Strike Two(U.S.) 2000 SB Prod.

Compilations come and go in the underground and only a few actally lay a scar for awhile that keeps remiding you of how good they are. This is a 2-cd set from Kentucky Ballbuster Hard Music Journal and gives you 35 bands and well over 2 hours of listening pleasure.Different genres of music and some well-noted artists fall into your hands on this release: musicians from many bands including Rob Halford,Accept,Annihilator, Wargasm,Solitude Aeturnus,Talas,Sass Jordan, Heathen,Dangerous Toys,etc.–a worthy investment guaranteed. Cover art done by the well known Motorhead artist,Joe Petagno. Some bands to mention on here also: Catch 22, Mayadome,Prototype,Mystic Force,Fiarro,Madd Hunter,Inbreed and Psychotic Waltz—awesome!
QUINTESSENCE Magazine, Mt Carmel, Pa- USA (Feb 2001)
VARIOUS ARTISTS – Ball One: The International Hard Music Ball and Ball One: Strike Two – Double Play: A Hard Salute (Sinbad)

David La Duke has amassed a legion of hard rock and metal acts from around the world in order to give us a pre-dinner sampler of what might be worthy of sinking our teeth into and what might not be. The first volume, released in 1997 starts off with the eccentric hard rock of David La Duke himself with “”Psychedelic Sandwich””. Things twist frightfully in the direction of doomful Isolation Chamber and then detour into the Heep-ish Red Baron. Who says there isn’t diversity in heavy rock!? If that ain’t enough, we get a totally red “”Too Damn Sober”” from the now defunct Hilljack. Naro provides a middle of the road, hooky hard piece of mid-tempo rock in “”Jokes on You.”” Hey, even Roxx Gang makes an appearance with their bottom heavy party rock. Compression adds some visceral thrust to the affair even if they are pretty much a redundant punk-metal pummeling. Mystic Force offers up some raw oldschool metal and well, there tons more of the same diverse spread and surprisingly, it works quite well. The majority of the material is top notch and the feel indeed comes off as a party, which I believe was the intent.
The second volume sports 2 discs, enough to carry the party into the wee hours of the morning. Here we have more modern sounding Mystic Force cracking open the champagne. The band takes on more sophisticated approach, very much like late 80s Queensryche but with techy elements and effects scattered about. But make no mistakes, the new edition is mostly made up of acts that did not appear on the first. Highlights include the stoner rock meets power metal inventiveness of Prototype, the unruly crunch of David La Duke “”Give It All To Rock ‘n’ Roll”” and the elegant metal rumblings of Dorian Gray. Blood Red has a bit of anarchic rage underneath the pumping rhythm, but the melodic vocals and subtle metal funk make this an interesting piece. Blasdead takes an oldschool Megadeth intro and blasts it into stratospheric thrash. Hot! Disc one might have more quality per track, but the 2 CD follow up set is equally worth the price, simply because it has twice as much music and most of it too is quite good. The second set is slightly more lower end Sab/stoner heavy than the first, but the overall presentation is roughly the same. If you dig hard music and want to hear how refreshing the underground can be, you can’t go wrong here. Of note, both are based on the coverage of Ballbuster – The Official International Hard Music Report. -Rev. Dude Rock-
Both 4 1/2 out of 5 Bolts.

Disc 1, opens with the Queensryche influenced, especially vocally, Mystic-Force, with “”IDENTICAL STRANGERS””. Gooseflesh give us “”CONTROLLER””, which is too repetitious, for my liking. A toned-down White Zombie, with a touch of Alice Cooper, American Dog give us the best track thus far, with “”LAST OF A DYING BREED””. The acoustics of Prototype, sets the mood, for the well-varied “”TRINITY””, with some excellent, lead guitar. Chunky, Power Metal, with their only downfall being a repetitive chorus, on “”BITE THE HAND THAT FEED””, by Machinery. “”ONE THIN DIME””, by Profane, is intense, especially vocally, and sounds like Disturbed. The intricate, Power Metal of Mayadome, has them incorporate many, different, styles, and sounds, into the context of their ballad offering “”SCENT OF LILAC””. Last Chapter are heavily influenced by Black Sabbath (musically), on “”THE BELATED””. “”13 MINUTES AFTER DEATH”” is weird, poorly produced, muddy, Industrial music, by Mike Chlasciak. I hope they don’t play this at my funeral? Chunky, with a steady, powerful, rhythm, “”GIVE IT ALL TO ROCK & ROLL”” is Power Metal/Rock. I prefer David LA Duke strong music sense, rather than the vocals, with his guitar playing highlight, near it finale. The haunting intro, and pummelling beats, of “”PROCEEDING THE HERETIC””, sounds like old school, Thrash Metal. The voice of Hydra sounds familiar, but I can’t quite place it? Welcome to the circus sideshow, “”AMDUCIAST/THE SCREAM”” is an excellent Rocker, well-written, produced, and executed, by the skilled musicians of X-Factor-X. Catch 22 are an intense act, combining both piercing guitars and vocals. “”EMPTY”” is a bit repetitious, but an excellent tune, apart from that. Dorian Gray are an old school band, with European flair. “”LIKE A DOG”” shows evident talent, especially the guitarist(s), and rocks with the best of them. The title does seem a bit strange, though. A gritty production, makes “”BREAK”” sound heavier than it really is. I prefer their music, to the “”spoken”” vocals. Although energetic, there nothing special that stands out on this track, that ends rather abruptly. Blending some really, weird, yet “”cool””, guitar effects, making “”E.B.E.”” stand out as an original. Rusty Cooley knows his scales, and makes good use of them, at lightning speed. “”VINGANCA OBSCURA”” is thrashing, banging, Death Metal, slurge, with inaudible, vocal, grunts. This is nothing that I haven’t heard before, but with a name like Brutal Orgasmo, what did you expect? Disc 2, begins with the upbeat, uptempo, “”OPEN INVITATION””, with it positive vibe and outlook. Blood Red Flower play some excellent, Alex Lifeson (Rush) influenced, guitar. I prefer their music, over the vocals, though. Annihilator first vocalist, John Bates, from their “”WELCOME TO YOUR DEATH”” demos, returns with his Gothic Metal, styled, solo effort, under the monicker of Bates Motel. “”KILLING ME”” sounds like Bauhaus. Blending elements of both Rap and Hard-core. Pain Museum is a cool band name, but “”TRUST”” needs work, as it too repetitious, and reminds me of the same style as some of Megadeth, recent, material. Shouldn’t that be “”Eggs””? Influenced by Type O Negative, Hard Boiled blend Death Metal, with Industrial, on “”EGO””. Some major keyboards set the mood for the average pace, of this average track, “”THE UNTAMED LEGEND””, by a Black/Death Metal act, with Johnny Hedlund (Unleashed) style vocals, known as Uranus. Eightball Cholos’ vocalist sounds just like Billy Milano. Their moody and atmospheric “”IN MY BLACKEST HOUR”” sounds like a release, especially verbally, as it builds in intensity, tick, tock, tick, tock…BOOM! Blasdead sound almost identical to old Anthrax, from their music, right down to their voice, but now, with Anthrax not doing much, they’ve come in at an opportune moment, with the slightly faster, and vulgar language, of “”NIGHTMARE””. Madd Hunter are a well-executed, effective, Power Metal, act, with a steady rhythm, influenced by Judas Priest. “”ON THE ROAD & IN THE WIND”” is a biker song, so grab yer hog, and let er rip! Strong music, especially the guitars, combined with a Rock style, poet/vocalist, Psychotic Waltz are not complex, but have alot of feeling on their playing/singing, on “”NORTHERN LIGHTS””. The chunky, steady, rhythms and pace, of Bralalalala, on their Funky Metal “”CLOWN RIGHTS””, sounds familiar, but I can’t quite place it? An excellent sense of timing, makes the Death Metal of Erase track “”ALONE”” catchy, albeit repetitious, yet still effective, although I prefer the music, to the vocals. Sacred Child sound like Whitesnake, on “”BLACK WIDOW””. The fast-paced, lead, guitar, style of Pete Wadeson, sounds like his influences range from that of Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) to Matthias Jabs (Scorpions), on the unfortunately rather short “”SCHIZO PHRENIAC””. Powerful and penetrating, “”THE WALLS”” sounds like it was taken directly from a Sludge demo. Their name suits their sound, so satisfy your craving. The top notch, classy, and talented, musicianship, of Fiarro, makes “”REDEMPTION”” standout as a highlight. Powerfreak “”MIND RIOT”” is about illegal aliens, and the government conspiracy to cover it up. Suitable for the times. “”SWEET SCARY DREAMS”” starts off slow, but pours out emotion. Inbreed are influenced by early Mercyful Fate, on this instrumental. Count Viglione is sleazy, running the gannet between Iggy Pop, and Lou Reed, as he proudly states “”I WANT YOU SEXUALLY””. Yet another standout, and a suitable closure. Overall, about 50% of this double CD package has potential, and since most of the artists have already been involved with bigger acts, you never know how many will stand the test of time?

Chris Horton, SpAsTiK dEaTh – March, 2001″

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