Art Paul SCHLOSSER: I’m a Prince CD promo. Worst CD ever made. Check audio (whole album)


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Yeah, right of course you are! This is by far the most laughable and ridiculous stuff I have ever heard in my entire life. It is sooooo BAD that I found myself either dying from laughs or wanting to cry. It is bloody long as well, with 35 songs worth of ridiculous stuff like “”Red, Red, Red-Blue Rain””, “”I Ate the Poppin’Fresh Dough Boy””, “”Tuna Casserole Rag””, “”Kurt Cobain”” (yes, the Nirvana dude)””, “”Are you Dumb enough (to be her Man?)””. A classic! Buy this one and give it as a “present” to someone you really, really hate. On the plus side Mr. Shclosser has written a personalized message in the middle of the cover of that album, thus decreasing the value even more, thus officially making it the worst CD you can possibly buy anywhere in the world.



…………………………………………………………………BUT WAIT, THERE ARE ACTUALLY PEOPLE THAT LIKE THIS CD!!!! : “Art Paul Schlosser has been a fun guy in my mind, and this CD holds a lot of fun songs on it. Some of it is kind of strange, but this is all super fun and super quirky. Definitely 35 tracks of silliness you DON’T want to miss!”

1 The Busy Day Begins
2 I’m Happy You’re Back
3 Door Bell I
4 The Lord Is There
5 She Is A Butterfly of The Lord
6 I Just Made It Up
7 I’m A Prince
8 Red Red Red-Blue Rain
9 You’re Getting Wet
10 Door Bell II
11 Have I Got A Real Good Deal for You
12 Are You Gullible
13 CORP.Greed
14 Another Star Trek Sequal Blues
15 I Ate The Poppin Fresh Dough Boy
16 Tuna Casserole Rag
17 Are You Dumb enough(to Be Her Man)
18 The Mark Of The Beast
19 Please ! Don’t Blow Me Up
20 Everytime You Go Away
21 Undertaker
22 Heaven Rag
23 What !
24 She Keeps Coming Back,Coming Back
25 Corn joke
26 Darling I’m in Love But !
27 How Do You Like My Pet ?
28 Kurt Cobain
29 I Don’t Want To Find Waldo
30 Harmonica Broke
31 Video Games
32 Top 10 Reasons
33 Madison
34 I Hate War
35 As Stars Come Out

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