27: animal life CD digipak 2003. Slow and captivating pop. Check audio


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On the front cover of “animal life”, a sheep is standing stark and alone. It’s a simple image…but look closer and you’ll find a world full of intricate detail and emotion. Inside, 27 delivers the sonic parallel. Sometimes the music is bare-boned, honest pop, delicate and alluring in its nakedness. At other times, guitar and sample driven constructions turns songs into cities in motion. It’s nature living in sin with technology…but feeling no guilt.


“…the Boston three-piece aims below the belt with a quiet bullet of pure sensuality.” — CMJ Weekly May 2002

“I would dub Animal Life the first widely accessible, no-assembly-required hit album of the year…instant modern classic.” —Splendid.com May 2002

“What really makes the album shine is Christopher’s vocals, for fans of Aimee Mann, PJ Harvey, or Cat Power.” — Audiogalaxy May 2002

Samples: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/2716   (Press the “Preview all songs” tab)
CD, Album, Digipak 
Release Date: 2003
1 No Water 3:07
2 Trouble Heart 3:03
3 Sky Walker 3:18
4 Undone 4:43
5 9 Mile Burn 5:01
6 For An Exchange 2:58
7 Devil’s Play 3:30
8 Heat Sink 5:15
9 Cavalla 10:16
No Water contains samples from The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady by Charles Mingus.
Recommended if You Like: Bjork, Fiona Apple, Portishead
I nearly forgot how great this album was and totally rebuying it today. I highly recommend it! The only regret about this album is that I feel it came out during the wrong time. If it came out 7 years earlier or 7 years later I feel it wouldn’t have been looked over as much as it did. Also to say it’s a weak version of Portishead is a mislead. Sure No Water and Skywalker have some Portishead elements but this album is so much more than and speaks so much more even at its most minimalistic points. You should buy this album!
Genre: Rock: Post-Rock/Experimental
Release Date: 2003

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