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Fandango! is the fourth album by American blues-rock band ZZ Top, released in 1975. Half the cuts are selections from live shows, the other half are new songs from the studio.
Track listing:
All songs by Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard except where noted.

Side A
“”Thunderbird”” (live) – 4:08
“”Jailhouse Rock”” (Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller) (live) – 1:57
“”Backdoor Medley”” (live) – 9:25
“”Backdoor Love Affair”” (Gibbons, Bill Ham) – 1:10
“”Mellow Down Easy”” (Willie Dixon) – 3:39
“”Backdoor Love Affair No. 2″” (Gibbons) – 2:05
“”Long Distance Boogie”” – 2:32

Side B
“”Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings”” – 2:42
“”Blue Jean Blues”” – 4:43
“”Balinese”” – 2:39
“”Mexican Blackbird”” – 3:07
“”Heard it on the X“” – 2:24
“”Tush”” – 2:15

Thunderbird was originally written and performed by the Nightcaps, a band formed in the 1950s when the members were teenagers. The Nightcaps performed the song and distributed it on their album “”Wine, Wine, Wine”” but never applied for copyright. ZZ Top began performing its version of the song in 1975, and has conceded that its version is lyrically and musically identical to the Nightcaps’ song. The Nightcaps sued ZZ Top for, among other things, copyright infringement, but their claims were dismissed because, in part, ZZ Top had registered a copyright on the song in 1975.

Tracks 1-3 (side A of the original LP) were recorded live at The Warehouse, New Orleans, “”captured as it came down-hot, spontaneous and presented to you honestly, without the assistance of studio gimmicks””. Tracks 4-9 (side B) were new studio recordings.

Billy Gibbons – guitar, lead vocals
Dusty Hill – bass, backing vocals, lead vocals on “”Jailhouse Rock””, “”Balinese”” and “”Tush, co-lead vocals on “”Heard It on the X””
Frank Beard – drums, percussion

Yes, it’s got Tush. And another ZZ masterclass in Heard It On The X.

The live material motors nicely, fuelled by the usual ZZ stage charisma and energy: Jailhouse Rock blitzes, while the Backdoor Medley is neatly realised.

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