ZODIAC MINDWARP AND THE LOVE REACTION Prime Mover 12″ [mix] and 3 extra unreleased songs. Check VIDEO


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b/w Laughing in the Face of Death / Hangover From Hell. Mercury Records ZOD 112, UK 12″” pressing from 1987.

If you like your sexiness tongue-in-cheek, then this is the one for you. Zodiac Mindwarp was the leading light of a late ’80s UK biker rock movement, and for roughly five minutes any woman with a passing interest in rock was putty in his greasy hands. “Prime Mover” sees Zodiac bigging himself up as both a “sex fuhrer” and a “love dictator”, but there’s a definite twinkle in his eye here that says we shouldn’t be taking him overly seriously. The accompanying video brings a whole new meaning to “low budget”, but only adds to the song’s daft-as-a-brush sexy charm.

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