ZEITGEIST The Eyes of Time CD. RARE U.S. Progressive Metal. Self-released/independent.


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Zeitgeist: The Eyes of Time
Type: Full-length
Releas date: 1995
Label: Self-released/independent.
United States of America (San Luis Obispo, California)
Progressive Metal

1. Mask Of Sanity 05:39
2. Behind The Eyes Of Time 04:09
3. The Firing Line 05:28
4. Living Infinity 03:29
5. Leave The Past 04:20
6. Pictures 04:58
7. Up In Flames 05:46
8. Broken Justice 06:21

– Jason Lamb / Lead Vocals
– Mark Schiesl / Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Back Vocals
– Joel Kelly / Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Back Vocals
– Frank Cook / Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
– Andy Cook / Drums, Backing Vocals

Zeitgeist are a progmetal/rock band from California. The songs were recorded in 1993 and 1994. The performances are good. They do a couple of nice instrumental breaks in their songs, with some good guitar solos, and a fair amount of changing tempos and feels. Their overall sound is a late 80s progmetal sound, mixed with some ‘classic rock’ influences (such as Boston or the Doobie Brothers). The last three tracks here are from their 1993 demo, and are more metallic, while the five newer tracks feature more of the classic rock influence. As you might have guessed, I prefer the older tracks, although my favorite track (“The Firing Line”) is one of the newer ones… They show some potential.

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