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Zar – Line Of Fire (Official Video) (1990):

Zar is a hard rock band from Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, that was formed in 1988.

Format: Album
Country: Germany
Released: 1990
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock
1 Heart Of The Night 3:57
2 Line Of Fire 3:46
3 Live Your Life Forever 3:56
4 Lost Son Of The King 5:27
5 Cry Of The Nile 4:01
6 Gone For Tomorrow 4:04
7 The Look Of Your Eyes 3:49
8 She’s A Liar 4:27
9 Fire And Ice 3:56


3 songs by Trampolin + songs by Asterix, Bitch, 2 songs by SWB + 3 songs by  Stairway

Backing Vocals – Roger James Pitman (tracks: 2)
Bass – Bernd Grünen, Rolf Kersting (tracks: 2,5,9)
Bass [Synthesizer] – Peter Kumpf (tracks: 4)
Drums – Peter Kumpf, Richard Schwartz (tracks: 9)
Guitar – Tommy Clauss
Keyboards – Jerry Schäfer
Vocals – John Lawton

This album is completely handmade.

The quintet ZAR (also from Germany) released the excellent “Live Your Life Forever”, their debut album and one of the band’s best works of that year.

Formed in 1988, by guitarist Thomas Clauss (ex, Rebel) and vocalist John Lawton (ex, Lucifer’s Friend, ex, Uriah Heep, ex, Rebel, etc.), the group invested heavily in Heavy Metal, also flirting with Hard Rock and Melodic Metal.

The album has nine new tracks divided into just over 37 minutes in length, highlighting John Lawton’s vocals which here sounded different from the work presented in the bands he played for.

Despite not getting the prestige it deserves, “Live Your Life Forever” is one of those perfect albums from the first track to the last and highlighting one of them in particular is an almost impossible task.

For those who are not familiar with the band and the album, I will say that their sound is like Pretty Maids, Zeno, Icon, Helix, Autograph, Fastway, Craaft, Skagarack, Melidian, Excalibur, Victory, among others.

In 1992, the band released its new album now with vocals from newcomer Thomas Block, replacing Lawton.

According to rumors, Lawton was replaced because he didn’t want to sing some of the heavier songs written by the group.

In 1993, ZAR released “From Welcome… To Goodbye”, the third album of their career and, like its two predecessors, it is an exquisite album, featuring John Lawton’s vocals on some tracks, being credited as a “special guest” .

*Highly recommended band and album.

For lovers of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and the so-called Hard ‘N Heavy… It’s worth listening to again.